“No, No…..Why would you miss that goal now?”

“I told you that this team is useless, they will lose this match. I am so disappointed in them right now”

“I won’t give up on them. No, I won’t”

At that point we heard the door opened and Mama Awero came in. She went into her room … Read the rest

Hurray, it’s another edition on Sing Aloud. If you are on my mailing list you would have seen my dancing emoji yesterday. The excitement is in my bones💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼. When you read through the interview you will know why. Interviews can be refreshing and interesting at the same time. This interview with Dr. Moji Adegbite, Destiny Sings, ticks the two boxes. … Read the rest


“I surrender all
I surrender all
Unto Thee, my blessed savior,
I surrender all”

I looked up from where I sat in the living room and saw Mama Awero approaching us. She had gone for her evening prayer walks around the neighborhood over an hour ago.

“You’re welcome mama”

“Oh, my dearest sons, how are you?”… Read the rest