How to live with confidence

This year, I will be reviewing books that have impacted me greatly. I have no doubt that these books will bless you too.

Join me as I review the first book this year, LIVING OUT 2020 WITH CONFIDENCE by Kudabo Victory.


When I saw the cover page of this book, I fell in love with its beauty and simplicity.

Although, one can’t judge a book by its cover, this book is an exception. The cover page is beautifully designed and the content of the book is amazing.

There is no better title that could have been given to this 39 pages of values. The lines of this book are packed with substance.

Particularly,I love the writer’s approach. When you talk of a reality, a story you can easily relate with, this book provides you with it.

The writer didn’t stop at showing us the struggles, she also pointed to the practical solutions in few words.

This book will surely outlast many generations!!!

Thanks for taking time to pen this down, Victory

You can download your copy here



Growing up from a humble and godly background, Kudabo Victory tells her tale from the living word of God believing that the pen is mightier to save a soul.

She is a writer, blogger, and an author of six books. Her recent book titled ‘Living out 2020 with confidence’ is a sure pick as she shares her story with the world.

She owns and manages her christian blog at



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