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Short stories

Wings of Healing (Chapter 5)

Wings of Healing (Chapter 4) Denola “Hey, girl, how’re you doing?” I heard a familiar voice behind me and turned around to see Zipporah wheeling her trolley of groceries towards me. “Hi, Zip.” I smiled as she got to where I stood. I admired her lovely dark brown weave with blond highlights. “Whoa, you look …

Short stories

Wings of Healing (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 The ornate design of the lobby in Navagne hotels and gardens made me catch my breath as usual and I allowed my eyes to drink in the beauty of the place. The gleaming gold-patterned marble floors, the floor-to-ceiling windows, the tall marble columns, the glittering golden chandeliers, and the elegant leather settees. Everything …

Short stories

Glad Tidings (Episode 3)

November 28 “For a dream cometh through the mtitude of business; and a fooL’s voice is known by multitude of words.” “Stop, please, I can’t breathe, Papa!!!!….papa!!!…. papa!!!” Ada opened her eyes to see herself on the floor of her bedroom. “How can it be this nightmare again?” she thought. She had been seeing the …

Short stories

Another Chance To Love You (Episode 4)

Did you miss the previous episode? Catch up HERE CHAPTER SEVENSadeAfter the main meal, we both dug into the soft chocolate cake.“You remembered,” I cooed.“Of course I do,” Tunde replied. “Chocolate has been your favourite since forever?” He winked and I erupted in laughter.“I’d love to keep doing that.” He blurted.“What?” I asked as I …

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