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Hi dear, how is your day going?

Do you know you can enjoy your day even when you are damn busy. Yes, you can!

Though the lists are not exhaustible as what works for A may not work too well for B but there are some constant factors. You care to know, right? Come with me.

  1. Make up your mind to enjoy your day regardless of what you are going through. Each day is a gift from God. Every second, every minute and every hour. You won’t ever see today again after 11:59pm. So set your mind to enjoying it. It is the day the Lord has made, be glad and rejoice in it.

2. Shun out negativity: Don’t live your life as if everything or everyone is out to get you. It is true that some people may want to do something against you but don’t live as if everyone out there has something against you. This will help position your mind to be forgiving and ignore other people’s imperfections, knowing fully well that you aren’t perfect either.

3. Plan your day: Write out things you will like to achieve and work towards it.Give your heart to it.

4. Rest, have fun and eat well: Build rest into your schedule, have fun in a way that soothe you well within the contest of a healthy spirit. You can see a movie. Read a novel.Check on friends. Just make sure you do something refreshing.

5. Commit your ways to the Lord: God loves you so much. He is so mindful of you. Trust Him to guide you. Talk to Him as you make each decision, you will be surprised at how He will lead you if you tell Him everything. This step is the most important. Before you set out for the day, commit it to God.

6. Be yourself: Fill in the gap by yourself. What do you think you can do to enjoy your day? You’re unique😍😁

Thanks for reading, kindly check back same time next week. Do you have some contributions? Please share with us, we value you. Enjoy the rest of the day😍.


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  1. Great and Godly suggestions, thanks ma.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sweet Sis❤

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