I remember a funny-sour experience in school. I had run out of consumable provisions and so, I went to the grocery store to get corn-flakes and other beverages. On getting there, I went for the biggest-sized corn-flakes in the store, bought some other things, paid for them and left. On getting to my hostel, I was disappointed to find that the sachet inside was only filled to the quarter! For such big sized corn flakes one would expect that it’d be full at least above half. It couldn’t even last me for a week so you could have imagined the disappointment I felt.
Flashback to when I was little, my mum would get lots of snacks and pack it in our lunch box for us to have in school during the break. Now, as a kid, I loved eating fish a lot and so one of the snacks I always looked forward to grabbing immediately the bell was rung was my favorite fish pie. However, one thing I didn’t quite understand was why each time I opened the pie to relish the fish sauce inside, I found nothing! Each day, I would look forward to seeing fish inside my pie but I would meet it hollow. After a while, I came to the realization that the fish-pie was not fishy enough. Not because it was not meant to have fish, but because the maker of the so-called fish-pie apparently took for granted the fact that there was supposed to be fish inside or why would it be called ‘fish-pie’ in the first place? As I advanced in years, I began to see the world I was born in, as that hollow pie. Like that corn-flakes, a sort of a misnomer. It’s like walking into Kentucky Fried Chicken to find out to your dismay that there are no fries and chicken or you walk into Dominoes and upon your order, you are told that not a single box of pizza you can find or you walk into a pharmacy and you can’t seem to lay your hands on not even a single tablet of drug!
That is the world, in which we live…
A world of misnomers!

Hospitals lacking proper health-care,
Court-rooms operating injustice,
Schools that destroy rather than instruct,
Churches that bind rather than build,
Police who kill,
Leaders who mislead,
Pastors distorting the gospel,
Forests without trees,
Relationships without love,
Music without melody,
Banks that rob your money,
Entertainment with zero content.

The world will only be rid of misnomers when and only when we decide to take our rightful place in society. The world will only become the better place we want it to be when we begin to see the error in our inactions. The world will only make meaning when we decide to stand by the truth though the heavens fall!

©Olonade John


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