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• Can we meet you?

My name is Tosin Coker. A missionary of foundation of Student mission, A Researcher, a Business Advisor and a Digital marketer. I’m passionate about Youth development and nation building. I’ve been involved in training youths, politics and several other nation building activities but above all I’m a lover of God.

• How did you meet her?

I met Adedoyinsolami in 2015 while I was in active service mobilizing for an ANNUAL MISSION CONFERENCE (LOOK 2015). She reached out to me with an intention to attend the conference, she was passionate about attending the program, so I linked her up with the leader in Ogun State.

• Wow, that’s interesting, so it means you looked well in “LOOK 2015”(Smiles) Can you tell us how you moved on from there, Sir?

Yeah, we began as friends when she volunteered as a Student Missionary from her campus. At that time, I was working at the Mission Central office and most times, I receive reports from her because one of my duties was to monitor the activities of Student volunteers from their various Campuses. We became quite closer than just colleagues and we encourage one another. I remember I once asked about her background and I discovered we share a lot of things in common. Sometimes, I advise her on how I dealt with some of the things I went through. At a point, it was obvious that we were meant to be more than just friends. When I finished my service from the Central office, I decided to take the bold step and I made my intentions known to her.

• That’s interesting! … So, how did you feel when you got a “YES” from her?
Fortunately, I didn’t get an immediate answer. I actually got a “No” at first but knowing that she’s a child of God, I went back and I continued to pray. I believe god does not withhold good things from his children. Eventually when I got a “YES”, I was more or less like a reconfirmation of the power of prayer to me.
• Indeed, prayer works. From the wonderful things you’ve told us so far, we believe you love her so much but can you  tell us how you were able to express your love to her during courtship?
(Smiles) We communicated a lot. On my own part, it was a big leap because I had had issues in relationship in the past because I do not call but with her it was quite a healing process and a step forward for me because I found calling and receiving her call peaceful and natural to me.
Also, I like hanging out a lot but I hardly plan outings. I started planning outings to take her out despite my schedule. To me, she is easily loved and I was able to get out of my ‘rigid self’… and it was fun.
• That’s quite enlightening and it all boils down to the fact that we can actually go out of the way to create time for the people and the things we love to do. (smiles) We would like to know, Sir…Was it love at first sight?
(Smiles)…Definitely, it was. I saw her as a lady who is passionate about God and as a matter of fact, she earned my respect immediately. The way began she persuaded me to allow her register for the program even when she thought the registration had closed and the way she defied the odds of not having transport fare to attend the conference, caught my attention. I also found her so resourceful, when she got to the conference, she was up and doing, not minding that she was meeting everybody for the first time. She joined the choir, took prayers very well and seemed to fit into everything. Though, I didn’t see her in the light of being “My Wife” at first. Of course, I wasn’t looking to love somebody at the Conference (Smiles) but I had respected her from the first time I encountered her. That marked our friendship from the very beginning.
• Interesting… Did you give her any special name during courtship?
(laughs) We actually had to decide. I felt it doesn’t make any sense for her name on my phone to be the usual ‘’Doyinsola FSM OSU” while mine “Bro. Tosin Fsm central”. (Smiles) So, we thought of what we meant to each other and it seemed we were saying the same thing, talking about the fact that we are gifts to one another and a gift of the Grace of God. So we coined the name “Grace Gift”. She’s my grace gift. But apart from that she has a pet name. ‘Ife-Love”. A lot of people around me don’t know her name but they know her as “My Ife”.
Love is sweet o😍😍😍
• Any differences?
We are two different persons. I am a very quiet, and principled person, but she is more of a sanguine and liberal person. She blended my rigidity sometimes in many ways, though we have our differences but she completes me.
• Wow! Was there any challenging moment during your courtship, and how were you able to resolve it?
This is a rather though question, not because there was no challenging moment but since we are two different personalities, we disagree to agree on different issues and I try to draw lessonsfrom the challenges we went through. I also do my best to pass lessons across even when it hurts and we get issues resolved by keeping the lines of communication open. We talk about issues as they arise and it only resulted in deeper love for us.
Well, another aspect was  trying our best not to get too emotionally attached, but having mentors, people we were accountable to, and maintaining some distance at such moments really helped us.
• That’s great, accountability in relationships can’t be overemphasized. Sir, can you describe her personality?
She is a natural leader, a people person. She fits into any environment she finds herself but beyond that she is a spiritual giant, somebody who is dependent on God. One of her key attraction to me (laughs). She has a lovely personality and she exudes love in any environment.
• Any advice to the singles out there?
I learnt the importance of enjoying one’s singleness from a message preached by “Myles Munroe” on the “Myths of Singleness”. So, enjoy your singleness and let it revolve around God. We are individuals connected to God and connected to others by God .Respect and cherish every moment of your singleness. And when you get into a relationship, don’t shift your attention from God to your ‘would-be- spouse’. I kept reminding myself and my fiancée of this important fact during our courtship. Don’t be in a hurry to get into a relationship, pursue God and most times, (laughs) though I don’t know how God does it but he’ll bring you together with someone to fulfill a purpose for Him. Keep on keeping on with God and in the process, God will say, “It is not good for a man to be alone”, and give you a helpmeet for that purpose.
Thank you!BRIDE
• Can we meet you?
My name is Akinyele Adedoyinsola, I’m a Christian, a graduate of Medical Physiology from Olabisi Onabanjo University.
• How did you meet?
(Smiles) We met in August, 2015. I was on Whatsapp one day in August, 2015 when I saw the flyer of an “ANNUAL MISSIONS CONFERENCE- LOOK 2015”. I felt led to attend the conference so I contacted the person that posted the flyer on the Whatsapp group and I was given his contact for further enquiries. I contacted him to ask for the details of the program. On the long run, I was able to attend the program even without my online registration. (Smiles) thanks to him. That was when I saw him for the first time.
• How did you move to the next stage from there?
We were good friends although we had defined our relationship from the start but moving from being just friends was not that difficult.
• How did you feel when you got the proposal?
Though at a point I had to ask him if the way he shares his thoughts and time with me is the same way he shares with others and he said “No”. I knew he likes me and always wanted to talk to me but I wasn’t expecting it that way (laughs). When I got the proposal, I cried, I don’t know why I did but sincerely, I was happy at the same time after the whole drama thing though I didn’t give a yes at first but I later did after I prayed about it and consulted my Mentor.
• That’s exciting! (Smiles)…Was it love at first sight?
To me, it wasn’t love at first sight but I grew to love him as the days went by. Definitely, we were not here two years ago.
• Was he all you wanted in a man at first?
I wouldn’t say he was all I wanted in a man at first, because physically (laughs), I have always liked a man to be fair and probably well-built and tall but fortunately for me, he was not all of that (smiles) but deep down within me, I wanted a man that loves God. I appreciate intelligent men and he’s one of the intelligent and Godly ones, he has core values, and all of that makes me rest assured that I don’t need a tall, fair man.
• Interesting! …How did you express love to one each other during courtship?
He loves surprising me. He is so full of surprises. Sometimes, he gives me gifts, it might not be expensive but it means a lot to me. He knows I like attention and he gives me a lot of that. The day he gave me an engagement ring, it was out of the blues and I could remember it was 30thSeptember, 2017. It was really an awesome time for me.
On my own part, I enjoy cooking a lot and I like to do that for him anytime I am chanced. At other times, I help him out with projects he might be working on.
• Wow!… Do you have any differences?
We have our differences and they are fascinating because like poles repel and unlike poles attract. He has a lot of things doing and I push him to do what he needs to do. I tend to procrastinate at times but he has a way of making sure I do what needs to be done. He is like a father to me, this makes him very special and dear to me. I get shy sometimes but he’s always ready to hear me. If anything comes up, he asks me and we weigh our options together before we make decisions. This makes me feel very special and I’m glad I have somebody that wants my voice to be heard. We have our differences but it has made us stronger and I thank God for those differences.
• Was there any unforgettable moment in your courtship that you would like to share with us?
There were so many unforgettable moments, even from the day one. He never cease to amaze me. One of the unforgettable moments was the day he proposed to me. I felt really special. There are plenty others. We had times we prayed and studied the word of God together, those were the moments I enjoyed the most.
•  Smiles, do you have any special name you call him?
I had an issue with giving him a name at first. Three months into the relationship, his name was still the same way it was before we started .All the names I had in mind were too simple to represent who he is to me. But we discussed it, we didn’t want something common and we agreed on “My grace gift” because he is a Gift that God gave me and I am a gift from God to him. I also call him “Ifemi”… (Laughs).
I love love🌹
• Describe him in one word
(Smiles)… Is there anything like “amazingly superb”. I would say he is “amazingly wonderful”.
• Was there any challenging moment during the courtship and how were you able to resolve it?
Yes, we had challenging moments. We had our fights, argument but those were things that made us stronger. We had days we wouldn’t talk to each other but we always find a way around it. Our policy was never to go to bed angry at each other and that has helped us a lot. We chat a lot and we talk things out. I remember we had a challenging moment early this year. One thing I know is that he doesn’t like to hurt me, and since I don’t like to hurt him too, I try to understand. Understanding and trust made us hear ourselves out, having it in mind that we see things differently. And I have learnt at those times that ego and pride could set in but forgiving and letting go works.
• Advice to singles out there?
Don’t have too many high expectations when entering into a relationship because the other person is human. Also, it is very crucial to always ask yourself if you could marry yourself because we tend to think of ourselves as the angel and the other person as the devil. Learn to understand and see things from the other person’s perspective. If you have an issue submitting during courtship, you might have an issue submitting when you get married. So, as a lady, agree with him, love him, pray for him.
Thank you!

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