She had been trying to make things work. He wasn’t cooperating. She tried harder. He remained unyielding. He was unmoving like a rock.They were struggling with their careers. They were best friends and they had grown together with their dreams until the university ‘gave’ them courses they never applied for.They accepted the admission; went through school and got jobs (jobs they detested). The pay was good; they had saved up; they had cool business plans. Only the courage to start again was lacking. And their spirits were slowly being choked to death by unfulfillment.
She knew the music ministry was not where God wanted her to be. She was only there because she had led a family Thanksgiving song and the joy in her heart that Sunday made her voice sound so great that the pastor conscripted her into the choir. Her place was in the Drama Group. She didn’t know what people would say if she left the choir. Her dreams were being strangulated.

He was a rich man with a lot of people under him. He and his wife were old. You know, they had spent time building roots in their area. Then he got an instruction to leave the area. He packed his stuff and servants and nephew and wife and they left for a land he did not know. He is Abraham. He obeyed God(Genesis 12:1-5). He was all the better for it subsequently.I don’t know what you ought to have shaken off; left behind; thrown away. It could be that you have to leave a city, a city that you know that is not for you in this season of your life. It could be a relationship that is suffocating your potential. It could even be your final-year project topic that just doesn’t seem right for you. Often, we hate to leave our comfort zone because fear has rented out space in our heads. We remain in that tight box when God is leading us to a broad moist place, abundance, refreshment and open air.(Psalm 66:12c)I don’t know what God is calling you to do.


For some of us, God is calling us to walk through the way that is His son, Jesus Christ, to Him. We are scared of what people will say. Truth is, Jesus is the WAY; the TRUTH and the LIFE. With Him are righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.💃💃💃You can start afresh.

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