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Always One More Time

Yippee💃 How is the weekend going, Fam? In this part of the world where I live, everywhere is calm, no noise, no “owambe” but I love the calmness. I hope you are enjoying the weekend too?
So during the week, I read Always one more time, a novel by Tope Omotosho guess what? It’s our Book Crush for the week. Let’s review it.🤭

Funlola was a wayward girl, she didn’t know any other way to live than to sleep around with men. It was that bad. While she is responsible for her decisions, you can also blame it on her upbringing. Her father wasn’t a good example either.

John, a pastor, loved God sincerely and he would go to any length to obey Him. It wasn’t a funny decision for him to make when God told him Funlola, the popular wayward girl, would be his wife. John struggled with the decision but he gave in to God at last. The aftermath of that decision wasn’t funny as Funlola didn’t stop sleeping around even after marriage. Omor! You can imagine the mess, right?😄

I could continue with the gist but hey, you’ve got to read up by yourself.🥴

The themes range from God’s undying love, forgiveness, redemption, and mercy.

There is always one more time to get things right.God is a God of second chance. He doesn’t give up on us easily. The best we can do is to come to Him even when we are wrong.

We can be loved, we are worthy of love.

Probably you have e a rough past and you’ve been thinking God can’t use you, this novel will help you have a rethink. You are precious to God and you remain so regardless of your past.

I love the characters. I found each character interesting. I love the plot too.
The story portrayed God’s undying love to us through
Funlola and John’s story.

Tope Omotosho did a great job, now I want to know what happened to the other characters in the novel.

Fam, you can get a copy on Okadabooks, Amazon and Bambooks. Have an amazing weekend. You are loved.🥰


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