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Another Chance To Love You (Episode 2)

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I had to pay a visit to Mrs. Adesina at Denix Constructions today. Left to myself, I’d have preferred to stay at home and work on one of the two scriptwriting projects I had left uncompleted. I had previously planned out content for the five social media accounts I handled as a social media manager so, no problem there.

The only issue was that Denix Constructions wanted a slight change to their content for the month. That was the reason why Mrs. Adesina had insisted I attend the project management conference the day before besides the fact that the company representative – Mr. Richards was already there. The conference where I saw…

I shook my head.
“No, I will not think of Tunde. I will not think of him,” I frowned and closed my eyes. “I will not think of his handsome bearded face or the way his deep voice reverberated through the conference room yesterday. I will…”

“Mrs. Adesina will see you now,” a voice cut into my mumblings. I looked up at Mrs. Adesina’s secretary and had the mind to look shame-faced like a child caught stealing a piece of meat from the pot of soup. Lord please, let her think I was meditating or praying. Let her not think I’m a nut case.

I stood up and smiled at the secretary apologetically then, I waltzed into Mrs. Adesina’s office.
“Good afternoon ma’am,” I genuflected as a proper Yoruba girl.
“Good afternoon Sade. Ba wo ni?”
“Adupe ma. How’s the family?” I replied.
Mrs. Adesina pointed at one of the chairs in front of her and I took a seat. “They are fine. Ese. Oya, update me.”
“Okay ma.” I opened my laptop and showed her the pictures I had gotten from the conference organizers especially those of the company’s representative – Mr. Richards and the speakers. My heart soared as I saw one of Mr. Richards speaking with Tunde and another one of both of them smiling and shaking hands.

“Stop there.” What is this woman doing? Can she read my mind? Can she tell if…
“Okay ma,” I mumbled and stopped scrolling.
“That man is the head of the firm that organized the conference.”

“Wha..what?” I spluttered. “I…I mean, seriously?”
“Yes, we’ve been looking for an opportunity to do business with them. They are the best really. The CEO of Denix will be so happy if we can bring Tap Tunez Consult on board. In fact, I have a meeting with them this afternoon.”

Tap Tunez Consult. TAP. No wonder.
“Okay ma.” I was still trying to process the fact that Tunde was a CEO. He was really living his dreams.
“So Sade,” Mrs. Adesina began. “Do your thing. Let people know Denix Constructions is building relationships for the next level. We are bringing our A-game to every project and doing our best to improve. Add snippets from the conference and just… do your thing. So gbo?”

“Beni ma,” I nodded as I shut down my laptop and kept it in the bag.
“You can go now. Keep up the good work. The accountant will see you at the end of the month as usual.”
“Yes ma. Thank you ma. I’ll be on my way.” I stood up and walked out of the office. I waved at the secretary and continued to the elevator.

“Seems this thing is taking too long,” I mumbled. “Let me take the stairs.” I turned to the staircase and began the slow descent.
“Tunde CEO!” I whispered as I recalled the time when he narrated his dream of being CEO one day. He wasn’t sure of what he wanted to do then. But, he knew he’d be the head of an organization. That was just one part of his dream. The other party was to be a happy family man with a beautiful wife and three kids while being a church project financier.

“I would’ve been that beautiful wife,” I shrugged. “No need crying over spilt milk. He’s probably on his way to achieving that now. He should be in a serious relationship…unlike someone I know.” I hit my head unconsciously.

“You’ve not stopped doing that.”
I froze.
I’d know that voice anywhere. Especially when the speaker had been the subject of my thoughts since the day before.
I removed my hand from my head slowly and smiled. “Good afternoon Tunde.”



“Hello Sade,” I nodded curtly, “Fancy meeting you here.”
“Yeah…how do you do?” Sade replied, drumming her fingers on her laptop bag.
Nervous. Sade Akinwunmi was nervous. I could have laughed but I settled for a smile. “How do you do?”

“Well uhm…” She lifted a hand to pat her braids and then stuttered. “I’ll…I’ll be on my way now.”
“Wait,” I called as she made to pass by me. She looked up and I could’ve sworn my heart was about to jump out of my throat. “I didn’t know you work here.” God. Tunde, can you shut up now?
“I am the social media manager. I work remotely but Mrs. Adesina requested I come in and give a report from the uh…the uh…conference.”

“Mrs. Adesina?” I questioned.
“Head of Admin.”
“Okay. You are a social media manager too?” Seriously Tunde, you want her to know you’ve been stalking her? “I mean…you manage social media handles? Interesting.”
“Yeah, thanks,” she replied, clutching her laptop bag a bit tighter. “See you some other time?” She asked.
“Of course. Sure. See you.” Way to go Tunde. Can’t even let a girl know how you feel.

“Wait!” I might regret this but no going back now. She had turned back already and was looking at me expectantly.
“Yes?” She probed.
“Have dinner with me. Tomorrow. We can go formal or…go to that bukka.” I realized I was tense. I was afraid of being rejected again. I expected her to say no. Oh God please.

“Okay. What time?”
I blinked. Did she just agree? “7pm would be fine. Here’s my card.” I reached into my breast pocket and pulled out my complimentary card. “Text me your address. I’ll pick you up.”
“Sure. See you tomorrow.”

I could barely contain my excitement as I continued my ascent on the stairs. I had the mind to cancel the meeting with Denix Constructions now that I had seen my major attraction. But, I slugged it out. “No mixing business with pleasure Tunde Ade-Peters. Besides, you’ll see her tomorrow.” Tomorrow? I didn’t think I’d hear a better word. “Thank You Jesus.”

Later that evening, I requested that dinner be brought up to my hotel room. I opened Sade’s IG account as I munched on a carrot and looked my fill. “I have another chance with you Sade. We’ll work by God’s grace.” I dropped my tablet and remembered her look in the afternoon. “Sade Akinwunmi, my one and only. Always simple.”

It wouldn’t be Sade if it wasn’t simple. She was dressed in a pink top and blue jean with black blazers and matching loafers. Her classic facial look was a dash of powder and pink lip gloss. That was my Sade. Always dressed down.
“Perhaps I should spruce things up a bit. Tomorrow, we’ll go formal,” I decided. “How do I let her know? She hasn’t sent her address.” It’d be too much to send her a DM on Facebook or IG, not after so many years of silence, wouldn’t it? I picked up my tablet and checked my SMS app for the umpteenth time.
“Patience Tunde. God is in control,” I whispered as I concentrated on my meal. I bit into my peppered tripe. “Hmm… this is tasty. I’ve missed Lagos food o.”

My mind returned to Sade and I recalled our numerous visits to different bukkas in Akoka. How I longed to watch her reaction to different foods! I resolved to pray at length about her that night before going to bed. I was afraid of having my heart broken by Sade again.
Just then, my phone beeped.
A message notification.
No. 15, Jade-Jade Drive, Opposite Liman’s Mall, Shomolu, Lagos.
I smiled as I chewed on a piece of meat. “Thank You Lord.” Another Chance To Love You (Episode 3)

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  1. Divine Oghenefejiro says:

    I say ‘thank you, Lord’ with Mr. Tunde.

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    Both of them mind go soon dey…

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