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29 days gone in January. 😳This isn’t to put unnecessary pressure on anyone. Trust me. Many are achieving their goals while many others are still struggling. Personally, I came to a point in the last 29 days when I calmed down to ask myself some questions.

For instance, One of my spiritual goals this year is to know God more and be more intimate with Him and one of my action plans this year, is to read the bible daily through a schedule that will allow me to read from Genesis to Revelation. That’s good, right😉 but I digressed a bit. Not that I wasn’t reading daily, No!

At some point, I read lesser than I had planned per day, a time came when I wasn’t feeling too fine and I just read few verses each of those days. Of course, I’m working on reading up the chapters I missed.

But then, this is just an example. There were other goals I felt were lagging behind already. So I thought, what are those things that can hinder the fulfillment of our well meaning goals?

Some days ago, I remembered what my Uncle told me to do, the first year he taught me to write down my plans for the year, he said I should pray about my plans and goals daily. When I remembered this, I swung into action and prayed.

While thinking, a bible verse dropped in my mind:

“For it is God who works in us to will and to do His good pleasures.”-Phil.2:13

The power and strength we need to scale through life comes from God. We have to play our part but we must trust God for strength. Those that build a house without God do it in vain.

And if you don’t even have any written goals, it is not too late to do that. Please do. You wouldn’t know if you are on track or not without anything written somewhere. When you have a drawing board, you have something to check from time to time.

Plan in faith but be flexible for God. God will help us😍

Thanks for reading. 💝

Please, share your contributions, comments and questions in the comment section. Keep winning😍


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I am Bolanle Temidayo Ogunleye, a Lawyer, a Christian Blogger and an author of two Amazon bestsellers- Love Beyond Words and Priceless.

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  1. Edirin Adeola says:

    This content was really helpful… thanks so much. Made plans for this year oooo and now I’ve even abandoned it and taken another… time to start writing my plans. God bless you for this.

    1. Thanks for reading, dear

  2. Toluwalope says:

    Great piece sis. Asthe year 2019 was rounding up, I wrote out my goals for the year 2020, there’s this great urge in me 5o get those goal accomplished, then every morning while observing my quite time I go through them. 3 weeks ago, I had an instinct in me to break down these goals, such that every week I write down the goals I want to attain for that week, I’ve bn doing this and it’s really be helpful n fulfilling. You can try this out too. Shalom!

    1. Please try it, Sis
      Thanks for reading

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