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Review of Tearless, a novel by Ayo Deforge

The author, Ayo Deforge, did a great job. The vivid description of Lami’s life made it seem like I had known her since childhood. I could easily say she lived down across my street. Tearless reveals the depth and impact of childhood trauma. It is often said that what we become as adults is related …

Reviews: Books and Movies

Review of ‘The One Who Sees Me’ written by Joan Embola

Hi Fam😍, it’s so good to be back again. Not that I haven’t been reading but life gets busy at times🫣. So join me as I review The One Who Sees Me, a novel written by Joan Embola I started reading Joan’s books after Osar Adeyemi reviewed one of her books and it’s been worth …

Reviews: Books and Movies

Freedom: Anna’s Unpleasant Journey to a new life

Beautiful Fam😍, how is your weekend going? Mine has been amazing and I am catching up on some tasks I couldn’t do during the week but I had to show up on the blog today because I can’t keep this to myself.💃 Guess what? Amazingly, our #bookcrush this week is being launched today.😉 Come with …

Reviews: Books and Movies

Review of Identity Crisis by Onome Bada

Hi Fam😍. Trust you are good. How is your weekend going? Permit me to ask, what are you reading this weekend?😉 Well, I don’t mean academic books😄.Regardless of what you are reading, I’ve got this for you. Come with me as we review Identity Crisis: Journey to Self Discovery by Onome Bada. So Onome launched …

Reviews: Books and Movies

Smart Money Woman-Review

Hello Family😍Happy new month😄. I haven’t said that since this month started. Pheew! It’s the 5th month already💃💃💃. So today, some other books were calling my name.You’re wondering?😂 Yeah, I could literally hear, “Dayo, pick me, pick me” but I have made a beautiful decision. Come with me as I review the Smart Money Woman …