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Esther woke up an hour later than her norm on that cold December Monday. Though in haste to get work early her habit was stronger, as usual, she prayed, read a chapter of her bible and took few scriptural confessions within 30 minutes. Talking to her heavenly Father before leaving home is now a part of her,
She rushed into the bathroom for a quick but complete bath, she stood in front of her mirror ready for work, humming the song the choir sang the previous day in church.

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Her reflection stared back at her, in a black skirt suit, with a blue camisole covering the chest area which the suit had opened, the lip gloss she applied made her lips slightly pinky, her face made spotless from careful and gentle application of powder, her high heels knock on the ground like it was waiting for it to open its door.
She gently moved back and forth, her hair was neatly plaited, those tiny black long ridges were carefully arranged on her round head, and they formed strands as if it were a telephone wire towards the tail end, a perfect reflection of godly beauty.
Esther Smith, the Human Relation officer at Bluebeth Pharmaceuticals was ready for the day’s work, a position she was promoted to two month ago. She turned to go when something said within.” Esther you are beautiful”
she paused a little longer, smiled slightly, her left chin drew inward, a part of her white set of teeth showed, almost getting in romance with herself, she checked her clock, it told her you are getting too late, as she rushed for her bag heading for the door, her inner peace flew away from her closed room

To be continued…

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