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BOOK CRUSH FRIDAY (Special Edition)

Happy New Month, dear one. Welcome to another edition of BookCrushFriday. Today being the first Friday in the new month, we would be going through the books we have reviewed before. You might have missed out on one or two books and I wouldn’t want you to. Of course, many great books would still feature on Book Crush Friday but before then, take a look at these ones.

Living 2020 with Confidence

This was the first book that came up on Book Crush this year. This 27 paged book can change the course of your life in tremendous ways. You might want to check it out. This year hasn’t ended yet. Maximize the knowledge in this book to get the best out of the remaining days. You can read the review and get the copy here.

There was a Girl

In this book the personal experiences of the writer are so real, I got laughing hard at some point.

Through her true life story, the author shared her journey from being a girl who felt inadequate and unwanted to a lady who has a solid confidence in the love of the Father. Get your copy here

The Bastard:

This story depicts God’s love and acceptance to us as His children. It’s a story you don’t want to miss. The pages aren’t much but the book is super loaded with the father’s love. Read the review and get your copy. Click here


Eniola sure has a space in my heart. I read this book and I saw the hand of God changing so many lives from sexual perversion and addiction. Everyone should read this, it will help us heal and place us in a position where we can help the broken ones among us. Read the review and get your copy here.

The Visitor

A story of warfare told in a beautiful way. Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu has a special way of writing that keeps you glued to her books till you get the message. It is highly recommended for couples and singles planning to get married. Get it here.

Chasing Shadows:

When we are disturbed and we think no one cares, the best place to go is the Father’s presence. Rachel’s story is interesting and comforting. I read this book twice. You should check out the review and get your copy too. Click here

How to be found by the man you have been looking for

The knowledge in this book will help you navigate a critical time in your life. I wrote out some helpful tips I learnt from the book and I don’t want you to miss it. You can read more here.

Love beyond Words and Priceless:

These two books are written by me. I have received numerous feedback on the great impacts on these books. Currently both are bestsellers on Amazon and the are available on Bambooks,Okadabooks and other digital platforms. You can also reach out to me to get your copies. With #1,000, you will get a copy of Priceless and Love beyond Words for free.

I have a lot to share with you and I trust God to help me by His Grace. A brand new book will be coming up as book crush next week. Anticipate!  If you find it difficult to get any of the books, kindly drop a comment, I will get across to you.

This coming Sunday on Sing Aloud, something amazing is cooking. I have gone all the way to bring somebody “from the abroad” to grace the show and you don’t want to miss it. You can check out the last episode here. Have a beautiful weekend, Fam. Much love from me.


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