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Diary of a Single Lady Ready to be Married by Hephzibah Frances

Hello Fam🥰, trust you are doing great? So, our book crush today is one unique book, Diary of a Single Lady Ready to be Married, by Hephzibah Frances. You see, over time I have come to realize some things about us in this part of the world and it’s probably because we are largely conservatives. …

Reviews: Books and Movies

Review of New Beginnings, a novella by Hepzibah Frances

Hello Family🥰, how has been June so far? I hope it’s not too late to say Happy New Month☺. Alrightee, I have said it anyway. 😆 Thanks for always reading from my blog. You’re the real deal. Let me introduce you to our book crush for the week, a short story written by Hephzibah Frances, …

Reviews: Books and Movies

How to read consistently despite your busy schedule

Most beautiful family ever😍🥰😘. How are you doing and how was your week? On today’s edition of book crush, we will be discussing something crucial; how to develop a good reading habit despite your busy schedule. Someone must have been thinking, “Temidayo, you keep coming up with ‘book crush’ and book reviews every week, how …