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Diary of a Single Lady Ready to be Married by Hephzibah Frances

Hello Fam🥰, trust you are doing great? So, our book crush today is one unique book, Diary of a Single Lady Ready to be Married, by Hephzibah Frances.

You see, over time I have come to realize some things about us in this part of the world and it’s probably because we are largely conservatives. We would rather leave some things unsaid. But the truth is, many need to hear this, some are fast losing it.

Some are starting to doubt what God said. You know all the marital promises declarations and all. Smiles.😊

So this book talks about the desire of a lady to get married. Firstly, I love the picture painted in this book, it’s not a wrong desire to want to get married and you have to admit that.

Secondly, beyond the societal pressures and agitations, you will get to a point where you just feel you are ready. Like, bring it on, Man🤣.

This book got me laughing at some point. Got me nodding my head too. The words are relatable. You know that resolve that I won’t ‘settle’ for anything lesser than what God has promised. That’s the right thing to do and no matter the pressure, you can take God’s word to the bank.

Back to the gist, I love the openness of the author. The realness of this book will surely encourage so many people and stir up their faith, I am encouraged by it too.


These are some keypoints from the book:
👉Your marriage will happen in God’s time.

👉There is a place of preparation. Keep living your life beautifully and enjoy the process.

👉Rejoice. Keep rejoicing at His Word. Rejoice with others. Don’t be bitter.

👉Keep praying and confessing God’s Word such that when it happens you would be so sure.

👉Waiting is a journey of trust, Jesus is also waiting. On this waiting journey, keep doing purpose. Keep trusting.

👉Don’t give in to counterfeits, pressure and comparison. Remember, it’s in God’s perfect timing. His ways are not our ways.

The lessons are actually more than this, you just have to read in between the lines.

While reading, this Bible verse struck a cord in me, so I am sharing it with you. You know I love you, bah?🥰

And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. shall be a performance of those things spoken by God.”-Luke 1:45

Keep holding on. God got you. You should also get a copy of this book on Okadabooks, Amazon, or Bambooks. It’s just 54 pages but filled with thoughts that will encourage you. Keep trusting, dear one😍.


Thanks @ Hephzibah Frances for writing this.

Dear reader, thanks for reading too. You are loved🥰😍


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