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Tolu decided and was about to kill herself, because she was dumped by her boyfriend whom she sponsored through school. She loved him so she saw no big deal in taking up his education, more so, they were going to get married and he would take care of her…

She was writing a suicide note when her friend, Gbenga, walked into her room and found the poison she was going to swallow. He gently packed the drugs and sat her down to listen to his story, then she can make her decision.

Gbenga forfeited his admission into the University so he could pay for his girlfriend’s jamb and post jamb form. He lied to his mum that he wasn’t given the admission. Titi, his girlfriend, passed her exams and was admitted into the University, she was going to forego it as she had no means of paying the acceptance fee, not to talk of school fees or other things.

Gbenga was willing to cater for all these, as he had a job he was doing to gather some money for his education. He spent all on Titi just so she could be satisfied in school. He got admitted into the same university two years later, sponsoring both himself and Titi.

He heard rumors of how Titi was having an affair with another guy in school, but could not believe it. ‘I trust my girl’, he told his friend who claimed to have seen her with the said guy.

Gbenga couldn’t believe his eyes when he finally caught her red handed having affair with the guy. He regretted ever helping her out.

‘How could she even think of cheating on me after all I did for her? ‘


He went on to tell Tolu of how Titi collaborated with the other guy to have him killed so they could continue their affair without any hindrance. He was only saved by God.

Gbenga stood up and gave the drugs back to Tolu to go ahead and kill herself, she replied that it was not worth it.


If you think you’re going through the worst of experiences, then wait till you hear your neighbor’s story. The fact that you see people smiling and laughing doesn’t mean all is totally well with them. You would never believe what some people are going through or have gone through if they were to tell you.

That situation you’re facing is nothing compared to what others have faced and came out victoriously. It is the deceit of the devil to make you think your situation is peculiar to you, trust me, it isn’t. A lot of people are in that same situation and are faithfully going through it. The earlier you start to see challenges as stepping stone to a new level, a higher level, the better for you.

Life is never about the day to day challenges we face, but about how we deal with those challenges and use them to our advantage.

The next time you think of your present situation and feel like giving up, just remember this, ‘there hath no circumstance facing you but such as is common to man’ (1 Corinthians 9:13a) (paraphrased).




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Faleye Abimbola Tinuola (Makarios) is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (BSc. Building). She writes about women generally, she has always enjoyed writing but recently she decided to take it more serious. She writes to help women in all categories; teenage girls, young ladies, married women. She is an active christian.

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