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Echoes of The Past

Happy weekend, Fam🥰. How is your weekend going? Restful? ‘Owanmbeful’? 😂☺ Whichever way, just enjoy and rest🤩. So, I am fast becoming an Osar Adeyemi fan. Ever since I read After the Storm, I have read 3 other books authored by her and today, I will gist you about one of them, Echoes of the past. Enjoy the review.🤗


Fola Lawal fell in love genuinely for the first time and he knew it was quite different from all what he had in the past.

Derin Philips was not left out either. She just knew she couldn’t hide the fact that she loved Fola but there was a hindrance to their relationship. This Biblical clause and injunction;do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers” 🤔

As a result of this, Derin was torn between making a decision. A tough one because it bothers on choosing what matters most to her- Her relationship with God or her relationship with Fola. It wasn’t an easy decision but she made one. You should find out more in the book by yourself. ☺Gist yaff finish😀


This book is a banger. It deals with a pressing issue that many prefer to shy away from. Every Christian lady/youth should read it.

While reading, I remembered how easy it was to tell people, especially ladies, to leave a relationship. Stuff like this is easier said than done but in the long run, it is better to stay in God’s will and please Him alone.

The Lessons
Obey God no matter how difficult.

You can’t save anyone. Only God can. As Christians, we need to understand this well enough.

When you are emotionally involved with someone, don’t attempt to save such person through your efforts. You can intercede for that person instead.

Not everyone needs you but everyone needs God.

Come to God, He knows you and He loves you despite all. His arms are wide open. Just come. It doesn’t matter the pains and the hurt you have been through. Just come. Fola’s life is an example of this.

The lessons are more than what I have shared with you. Just go and grab your copy on Okadabooks, Amazon and Bambooks🥰🤗

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Lots of love.🥰


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