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The novel started with an introduction into the background of 4 vulnerable girls and their journey into the world of sexual addiction. If you have heard of rape, sexual harassment, you will be familiar with their stories. The sad truth is that, this evil still happen on a daily basis. However, reading a book like this will help us take precautions.

The author didn’t hold back as she shared her experiences of abuse, sexual addiction, and much more. This book is a sneak peek into how far God can go to bring healing to the brokenhearted You will see how he can fix a life that is in a mess.

‘Hurting people hurt people’, many people in our environment are hurting others because they can’t wrap their heads around the cruelty of human beings. Eniola is an example of this but getting revenge didn’t make her life better either.

The themes range from Abuse, Pain, love and restoration. From thinking Love is sex to knowing the true meaning of love, Lyna, Eniola, Frances and Gloria all had their stories but they didn’t end up with the mess they started with, something happened along the way. You will find out more in this beautiful story. You may be on that journey too or you may even know someone who is on that journey and this beautifully crafted story will go a long way to help.

Over time, I have been concerned about the way we treat the broken ones around us, the arm we extend to them. I can remember the signals we made with our hands when we were growing up, how we stretch our hands to chase hens and goats away from our sight. We have to ensure we aren’t doing same to human beings right now because anyone can be saved.

Are you hurting? Are you suffering from sexual abuse and addiction? There is a way to freedom, there is an arm stretched out to receive and not to judge you. You need to see for yourself how Jesus saves men from such vices In this book, Hephzibah Frances’ true life story

Well, it’s weekend, why don’t you grab a bottle of chilled drink and enjoy this novel filled with lessons. It’s free. Get your copy here.

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