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Finding Miriam by Laju Iren

Hello Fam😍. It’s been a while, a whole 2 weeks.😱 I missed you, trust me. How are you doing and how’s your weekend going? So, I read this book some weeks ago. I have reviewed the first part (Loving Amanda) and today, we’d go ahead with the second part, Finding Mariam by Laju Iren.

Mariam appeared to be the toxic employee in GochTech, after shooting her shots and hoping she could get into a relationship with Goch. All her moves on Goch didn’t work out actually and she became bitter as a result.

Despite that, she remained loyal to GochTech but she made Amanda’s life a living hell while they were together in the same branch. A time came and she had to leave for the North.

When people say a lot can change in a year, I totally agree with them. Mariam’s live is an example of this. The highlights of Mariam’s stay in the North were her meeting with the truth of God’s word and Yohan. These two meetings changed her life dramatically.

She found love, she found more than what she ever bargained for. You need to read this book for the full gist.

One of the reasons
Laju Iren wrote this book was to honour the Chibok girls and some other girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

While in the North, Mariam experienced the kidnapping of some girls and in the process, her new faith in God was threatened but the attitude of some of the girls strengthened her faith.

The theme range from Love, Change, Kidnap, Death, pain and restoration.


Don’t be too fast to jump into conclusions, people change. In fact, there is no one that God cannot change. Instead of giving up on people, just pray for them.

Getting people to love you is not a do or die affair. Stay in God and love will find you. God sure has you in mind.

This story is filled with so many other lessons. I love that fact that the likes of Leah Shuiabu was remembered in the story and it’s a reminder for us all. We shouldn’t forget about them, let’s keep praying for them.

You can get your copy from Okadabooks, Bambooks or reach out to Laji Iren on IG.

Have a refreshing weekend, Fam. You are loved😍


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