Love & Marriage Poetry



Your beauty sends men racing
at your feet
They take a bow
You’re a goddess no doubt.

At your feet, men;
singles and married,worship
You’re endowed
Everyone wants you,
Your relationship.

Oh,beautiful goddess of beauty
Your wine is sweet
Everyone will like to drink.

No wonder after a drink from you,
the last man slain in adultery
said his wife’s wine is just water
but yours; it’s like the other one
Jesus made at Cana
So he asked, where were you before
I married my wife?

Oh, beautiful woman
You’re gloriously robed
Thread carefully
for worldliness are thorns,
they leave bruises on you.

Beautiful woman,
Remember your royal garment
before it is turned to rag,
leaving your skin bear to be bitten by worms.

Fine wine,
Your body is The Lord’s
You’re more than your body.

“For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.”-1Cor.6:20


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