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Freedom: Anna’s Unpleasant Journey to a new life

Beautiful Fam😍, how is your weekend going? Mine has been amazing and I am catching up on some tasks I couldn’t do during the week but I had to show up on the blog today because I can’t keep this to myself.💃 Guess what? Amazingly, our #bookcrush this week is being launched today.😉 Come with me as I review Marvellous Oguntoye’s debut novel, Freedom; Anna’s unpleasant journey to a new life.

There are so many things I love about this book. It’s short, interesting and relatable. It speaks of one of the subjects we tend to avoid talking about as a society.

Every phase of life has its beauty and challenges. Each phase should be enjoyed and well prepared for but Anna, the major character in this book, didn’t get the chance to prepare for what life brought her way.

Sighs! Like so many people, Anna was denied what makes her a child even though she was an only child. One would expect that she would get extra doses of everything a child could ever think of but it wasn’t so. This led her on an unpleasant journey to a new life. Her story can be likened to that of a princess living as a slave. Get your copy to get the full gist💁‍♀️. Let’s go back to the review.

The Theme
The themes include love, restoration, freedom, friendship, setting the right priority and sexual abuse.

In a few pages, Marvellous told a story that would get you aware and alert. Sexual abuse is not something we can keep shying away from.
Every parent or anyone seeking to raise wholesome kids should read this book. It is highly recommended to children and teenagers who may be going through any form of abuse.

👉As a parent, it’s not enough to provide for your children’s physical and academic needs, you need to do more.

👉Parenting is a whole lot of work. Allowing God’s direction will go a long way.

👉Everyone in the shackles of sexual abuse can be saved. You have to speak out regardless of the threat you have been facing.

👉 Choose your friends wisely, they will influence you.

I am confident that you will have a nice time reading this novel. Get your copy for just #500 HERE.

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Congrats, Marvellous. Thanks for writing such a powerful story. Thanks for reading, Fam. You rock! Enjoy your weekend


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