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Glad Tidings

Hello Fam😍 Happy New Year. It’s the first blog post of the year.💃💃💃 I have no doubt that 2021 has been amazing thus far. Cheers to greater things this year.  Thanks for being there all this while. You are loved. Yeah, so we are starting out on a big note. I am bringing good news to you right now. The first book crush for the year is no other book than Glad tidings.

I would be giving out 2 copies to the first 2 people to respond with their email address in the comment section.  When Glace Olabisi told me she would be launching this novella in December 2020, I was excited. If you have read The Bastard, you will understand how excited I was. Let’s dive in.

The Story

Glad tidings has the most beautiful time in its settings- Christmas. A time when we remember how much God loved us by giving Jesus to us. In the story, Ada, Ama and Ade had to work on a project and that project changed their lives. None of them remained the same afterwards.

The plot that unveiled the process of the change is quite interesting. Ada was single while her neighbour, Mrs Bankole, was married even though she wasn’t enjoying her marriage. She stepped on Ada’s toes several times as she pushed it to her face that she isn’t married each time they spoke.

Ada had her own struggles despite the fact that she was good at her job. Ama had hers too. Albert Joy also had his but the Glad tidings project brought hope and wiped away tears from so many faces.

How would you feel if you have invested so much in a project only to hear that it has been called off just few days to the program? Mad, right?

What and how would you face the excited invitees?

Ada had to face this but things turned out fine even though she almost gave up on the idea.

The Review

I love the title and the message. I’d recommend Glad tidings over and over.

The theme range from love, pains, death, restoration and salvation. Everyone has a story. The characters in this short story mirror the different sides of people we do not see.

When someone said, read good books and you will know what could be going on in people’s mind, Glad tidings is definitely one of those books that was talked about.


Albert was going through a lot yet he took some time to reach out to Ada whose pain was nothing near what he was going through. We may go through a lot but we should try to keep our hearts on the joy giver, the one who owns our lives in His hands.

When we lay aside our egos, we will see the other side of things. People who look so strong willed have their vulnerabilities too. Some of them are screaming for help even when they are quiet about it.

Bolatito was able to help Ada. She was the friend Ada needed. If she wasn’t sensitive to the pull in her heart, she wouldn’t have been able to help her. We have to be sensitive too. Let’s look beyond ourselves. There are so many people out there who need us. I’d stop here😉

This book is full of lessons.

You should get your copy at a token of #1,000 . And oh, I am giving out two copies, let’s meet in the comment section. Thanks, Grace Olabisi for the amazing job done.More inspirations.  I look forward to reading more from you.

Grace blogs @ She’s currently on a series, Broken pieces, you don’t want to miss it.😀 Start reading .

Dear Reader, thank you for your support. You are loved. See you next week. Have an amazing weekend.😍


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  1. Adedoyinsola Coker says:

    There’s no new thing under heaven, there’s nothing you are going through that someone hasn’t gone through or even something worse that yours, you don’t have to paint your face with sorrow everyday so people can know you’re going through a lot! No! Stop! Don’t do that! It will be fine. Be positive! Pick yourself up and dust off the dirt! No shall be impossible!

    1. Yes o. You’re very right dear Sis
      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Fabunmi Tolulope Eniola says:

      Eager to read the book…. Thanks for whetting my appetite.

      To Albert, giving out what we need the most in terms of kindness and care brings more satisfaction than we could ever imagine..
      This reminds me of when Jesus was hungry by the well and He offered that samaritan woman the living water, by the time, His disciples came back they wondered what He must have eaten, because He felt refreshed and better than when the whole focus was on Himself and how hungry He was…

      Well done sis…

      1. Hmm
        This is deep.
        I love this explanation. Thanks dear Sis

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