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Hadizat by E.C Hannah

Review of Hadizat; a tale of Mercy

Happy weekend, Fam😍. How’s it going? I believe you are making the most of the weekend because you
truly deserve it. Rest and fun are needed, you know? So this week, I’m bringing you my #bookcrush for the week, Hadizat; a tale of Mercy. Yaay💃💃💃.

Some days ago, one of my favourite authors, E. C. Hannah, released her newest novel and I wouldn’t want you to miss out at all. Let’s get to it.😉

Hadizat, a brilliant and beautiful girl was born and bred in a home where religion was a priority. But a time in her life, she made a decision that threatened to turn her family apart. Navigating that period wasn’t easy at all. You can imagine being disowned and having to leave the home you have always known within a few hours to nowhere in particular.

While Hadizat was in the university, she didn’t love a guy that was head over heels in ‘love’ with her and instead, she desperately wanted someone else. If you have read the book, you’d be wondering why I am mentioning this😂.

Don’t mind me but permit me to ask, is it true that many guys love the ladies that do not love them? Like the case of a Yoruba adage that says, “the person that has a head doesn’t have a cap and the person that has the cap doesn’t have a head to put it on”.😁 Let me not digress too much, this story was set in 2 different countries with each scene in synchronism.

I could go on and on about it but I wouldn’t want to give so many spoilers.


The themes include Love, Religion, Inter-ethnic relationships, Family, academic excellence and loss.

Hadizat isn’t a common story. You would be glued till you are done reading. I would recommend Hadizat to everyone making a vital decision, especially if it involves coming to Christ despite the religion you’ve known over the years. The way Hadizat navigated that period is a skill we should all learn.

I wouldn’t be done with the gist if I don’t share some of the lessons with you.

👉Be consistent in serving God. People, even unbelievers, are watching you.

👉Words are seeds, keep sowing the right words. They will germinate even when you are long gone.

👉No one. Absolutely no one is out of the reach of the gospel, we only need to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

👉The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, is always there for us.

👉You can’t ignore your relationship with God. It means a lot, beyond academic prowess and every other thing.

Hadizat is a testament that Christian/Inspirational stories are beautiful and truly inspiring. You should grab your copy, get a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the weekend. Hadizat is available on Okadabooks, Amazon, Selar and Bambooks. For easy access, get your copy HERE.

Oh, I would be giving out 2 copies. All you need to do is to comment on this blog post with your email address. The free copies are for just 2 people. Thank you for reading😍.

Meanwhile, ‘Another chance to love you continues tomorrow. Anticipate.

If you missed the first episode, catch up HERE.

E.C. Hannah, the author of Hadizat was interviewed about her newest novel in a recent podcast, you can check it out HERE.

Thank you😍


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