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Yippee, it’s another great Friday. There is something about Fridays that makes you feel relaxed. You feel a bit relieved of the week’s work and you are ready to enjoy your weekend. Trust me, I love that feeling. How was your week, Fam? Today on BookCrushFriday, we would be reviewing How to be found by the man you have been looking for, a book written by Michelle Mckinney Hammond. This book is ‘rhemacious’. Permit me to describe it as such. It’s so loaded. Every single and married should read it.


While thinking of my book crush for the week, a conversation I had with one of my younger sisters some weeks ago came to mind. The conversation was something like:

Sis: Aunty Dayo, how far na? When are you getting married?
Me: Soon o. God is in charge
Sis: Egbon, when? You have been telling us God is in charge since
Me: Laughs)😂😂😂😂Be calming down na. Very soon. God is in charge.
If you’ve had such conversations recently, this book is for you.

During my Service year (NYSC), I had enough time to read. I could read a 600 paged book within a day. I was so blessed with time. Along the line, I found this book and I decided to read. I didn’t want to read it at first, I felt, well…It is not that ‘ayam’ looking for man😂🤔. But all the same, I decided to read it and from the first page, I started seeing the good and divinely inspired things written in the book.

The book title is ‘punchy’, I can imagine that many ladies who have been worried sick about getting married will jump at it at first sight and that’s good enough. This page turning book does justice to many Singles’ questions. I later learnt that the book title was changed from Ending the search for Mr Right to this present title. That’s a good take home for authors. You can change your book title to reach your target audience faster.

Here are some things I learnt from the book:

The hunger for love can do strange things to a woman. It can cause her to question herself and her self-worth. She can plummet to new depths of insecurity and despair, getting caught up in compulsive self consumption.

How to be found.

Putting life on hold before your spouse comes makes life boring for you.

How to be found

When you are hungry emotionally, you can make choices that are unhealthy just like we eat junks to ease physical hunger. Don’t make wrong choices while you wait.

How to be found.

Empty relationships are more dangerous than empty calories.

How to be found.

Our gifts and talents are things people celebrate about us that we find to be no big deal.

A man can never totally satisfy your cravings for love. His humanity will not allow him to. Only God can satisfy. Develop a sound relationship with Him

If we do not know our purpose, why we are where we are, we will become distracted by our hunger.

The first reality about love hunger is that, you will not die without a man in your life. Your hunger is not bad unless it is controlling you, overtaking your decisions and colouring your decisions.

How to be found

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So dear one, are you out there thinking of postponing the mind blowing things you should be doing as a lady? Stop postponing and start doing those things. Maximize this time to build a sound relationship with God. Stop worrying and start reading books that will inspire you to be all that God wants you to be. A book like this will restore your mind to factory settings, the settings that God had in mind for you.

Presently this book is not available as an eBook but you can get the print copy on Amazon. And if you are till trusting God for a spouse, don’t fret. Keep holding on to God. God comes through and when that time comes, don’t forget to share your story with us. See the kind of love stories I am talking about. WUMFEM2019, VP 2019

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    Your marriage is very soon: we want to eat rice (winks)

    Thanks for sharing

    1. TemidayoRiches

      Yes Sis. Very soon.(Smiles)

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