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How to read consistently despite your busy schedule

Most beautiful family ever😍🥰😘. How are you doing and how was your week? On today’s edition of book crush, we will be discussing something crucial; how to develop a good reading habit despite your busy schedule.

Someone must have been thinking, “Temidayo, you keep coming up with ‘book crush’ and book reviews every week, how do you go about it and how do you expect us to read despite our busy schedules?😁 I understand and that is why I am going to share these tips with you. This is how to develop a reading habit despite your busy schedule. Come with me.😘

The keys aren’t limited to these though;

1. Set a Goal:

During my service year, I had enough time, I can say I was on a reading spree. I read over 60 books; novels, self helps etc. I just kept reading at any slight opportunity I got. This was possible because earlier that year, I had written it as a goal.

  1. Have reading partners or friends that love to read

This point right here is a big one. I have friends that read. Like READ in capital letters. When you are just about to say you have read a specific number of books, they’ve read double of that. Good communication sure builds good manners.

However, don’t be intimidated, you can grow at your pace. Also, don’t read without getting the knowledge embedded in each book. Milk each book dry. Jot down salient points and don’t forget to go back to them.😁 Don’t forget. I am emphasizing this again and I guess you know why.🤣

  1. Remember the impact of reading good books

Good books expand your horizon, takes you places that you can’t even imagine. Good books let you in on how other people think, their experiences etc.

I like to say books are living beings. Among so many other reasons why you should read good books is the ability to learn new words, phrases and vocabularies.

Some time ago, an old time friend got on my nerves and I was about to spill my words and thoughts all over but then, I had just finished reading a novel and I remember telling him this, “I will let this pass for old time sake”.

See me o😂😂. I had already said it before I remembered those were the exact words of one of the characters in the novel I just finished reading. That phrase got into my subconscious without much effort.

That’s quite interesting and it should make us choose what we read selectively.

  1. Change your mindset about reading

Reading is an adventure. You can make reading fun in your own way. I remember after taking Damilola Jonathan’s course on writing, I decided to take one of his thoughts to practice and it has been working.🤗 Care to know the tip? Combine your meal time with your reading time. Food is sweet and reading can be sweeter, so combine both.😋

Read while waiting to see someone, read while traveling. Don’t read while trekking though😂. I love you too much.

  1. Be accountable

This has worked for a whole lot of people, you can try it too. Get an accountability partner, join a book club. I know of some. You can check out Makarios book club and Miraz book club on Facebook. 🤗

  1. Subscribe to reading App

There is a saying that your mind goes where your money is. This statement right here is true and that is my testimony😂. I subscribed to Bambooks and Bambooks automatically withdraws #1,500 from my account each month. Each time I remember this, I create time to read from the app.🤣 Trust me, I am very calculative my money means so much to me.😜
Apart from Bambooks, you can subscribe to Bookney, Okadabooks or Summify. These apps are on Google Play Store. Enjoy!🤗

  1. Set your priorities right
    There are so many helpful tips but I will make this the last. As good as it is to read different books, make reading and studying the Bible your priority.

The word of God creates balance and helps you decide what to read and what not to read.

One of the ways God comes ahead of the devil in our lives is by equipping us for battles through books.

Some years ago, I read a book, (Receiving healing from soul diseases) written by my Destiny Mother, Rev Oyenike Areogun, and some months after, I faced some terrible circumstances but I was able to deal with those issues because I was better equipped from what I read earlier.

Without the understanding I got from the book, it wouldn’t have been easy for me to sail through that period.

In addition to this, never forget that God is interested in every aspect of your life, pray for understanding and trust Him to guide you every time and you will be amazed at how great your results will be.🤗

P.S Some books are good but they aren’t for you. Know the right time to read a particular book. For instance, some books on sex in marriage are to be read few days to your wedding while some other books are you be read before then. Just be discerning to know what to read per time.

Be vast, read good books. Do you know of any other helpful tip that has helped you read consistently? Kindly share with us in the comment section. We will like to learn from you.

Thanks for reading, dear one.🥰 Have a beautiful weekend.


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  1. Taiwo Olukunle says:

    Thanks for sharing ma. This is really helpful!
    Goal setting and accountability are my take-away packs

    1. Thanks for stopping by, ma. I’m glad you got value from it.

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