Let life knock me down
A million time I will get up
And stand to my feet –
Some feats aren’t won
except on the knees

Countless times I had stumbled
Countless times I had lost my way
But these were only a push
I’d always known I’d rise

A million time I faltered
When life and its weights pulled me down

But I was strong, I didn’t give up
Tough times do not come to last forever
Only tough people do
And this, my friend, is what I’ve been

I’d held on to one thing
And that truth I hold on still
I was born, only, to rise
No one’s born to be a lowly

Life may throw its punches at me
Life may shoot me down with its tests
Never will I give up
I was born to rise

Like the dust in the air
When trampled on the ground
And the sun in the sky
After a moment of darkness
I know I will rise
Someday, I will!
I will rise



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About Author

Adebisi Temidayo Deborah (Temmy_D) is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (BSc. Microbiology). A lover of God and music minister. She writes poems and short stories.
To her, writing is fun. It affords her the platform to inspire and motivate her readers in simple terms that is easily read and understood.

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  1. This is really inspiring…… thanks for this embodiment of life-saving nuggets…


    Thank you David
    I’m glad you’re inspired.

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