Jesus, The Reason for the Season


There’s a reason
For all seasons,
Jesus is the reason
For all seasons He’s the reason for this season

This is not treason,
He’s far above Jackson
Oh! He’s beyond comparison
Without him, you’ve got no reason

You would have been in satan’s prison.
But He came at the right season
Giving our lives, its true meaning

He bore our sins,
Delivering us from hell’s poison.
Adding to our lives His own seasoning.

So are you celebrating?
Without Jesus, you’ve got no reason. You still need a fixing
So His garment of sonship can be made fitting

It’s a lovely season
Come to Jesus, He’s the reason
You may be lost
Yeah, he’ll give you a fixing

Hmm, escape the dangerous season
Come to Jesus,
He gives your season,
the right reason
Give him all your Seasons
Learn all His lessons
He owns all seasons
He’s above Human reasons,

It matters not your name,Abdullahi or Usman.
If you are alive Jesus is the reason.
Without Him, you’ve got no reason,
No reason visiting the cuisine

Jesus is the ‘’ONE AND ONLY’
The reason why you’re existing
Its real, It’s no Treason
Celebrate Jesus this Season!

Compliment of the season

TemidayoRiches Ogunleye


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