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Living Out 2021 Victoriously


Our book crush for the week is ready.💃 How was your week, Fam? And hope you’re enjoying your weekend? 😉So this week we would be reviewing Living out 2021 victoriously. This book is the second in the Living Out series by Kudabo Victory.

Early last year, I read the 2020 version and it was really impacting. You can check out the review here. This year, I didn’t want to miss out so I was happy when Victory told me the 2021 will soon be available. I am glad the book is finally out and as usual, _I no dey carry last. I don read am .🤩 Come with me as I share some of the lessons with you.

Victory shared her experience, how she was able to achieve more at the latter part of the year 2020 and how she achieved some things she didn’t even plan for. This buttress the fact that our God isn’t rigid. We can’t afford to box Him in a corner.

Another lesson I learnt from this book is that speed and strength comes when we plan with God. I have no idea how far you have been able to achieve this year but it isn’t too late to look through your plans to ensure God’s hand are in those plans.

At the beginning of a chapter, Victory said; “it’s okay not to have a plan but…for a short while.” At first, I was like…ehm but I saw wisdom in the explanation. We will all get to a point where we would have to review everything we are involved in and get to know the reasons why we are doing what we are doing.

This book got me thinking as I read and it made me ask some questions along the line?
Are my plans for this year in line with God’s plan for me?

In all, this book is unconventional, soothing and refreshing. I love the heartfelt prayers attached to each chapter. Thanks so much, Victory.

The Author, Kudabo Victory

After the ups and downs of the year 2020, this book is what you need for strength, comfort and reassurance of victory.

I would recommend this book over and over again. Grab your copy for FREE here.

Thanks for reading, dear reader, see you next week. Lots of love😘😍


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