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Hello Fam🥰, trust your week was fine? I have been cooking this for some days now😄. Earlier this week, I promised some of my friends that I would be sharing a beautiful love story this weekend and I am so glad I am chanced to do this.

I am so excited about this union.I am almost screaming as I type this. God is so good😄💃💃. The bride, Elizabeth Adisa, is a wonderful big sis God gave me.

She has been nothing short of awesome. I remember a time when I just needed someone to rant to, Elizabeth was right there, listening to me till that episode was over. You need an Elizabeth in your life.😂 Okay, Okay, enough of my paparazzi, let’s meet the bride.

Can we meet you?

Lizzy: My name is Abiodun Elizabeth. I’m a lover of Christ. I enjoy encouraging people, serving and cooking. I hail from Ogun State and I am German language Instructor by profession.

TemidayoRiches: Great! It’s nice having you here. Thanks for honouring this interview. If I heard you right, you like cooking.

Hei God, somebody’s son is in for some good delicacies. 😋I hope can come to visit. I wouldn’t mind having some meals for myself too.😉 Let’s go to the main gist.

Can you tell us how you met your fiance?

Lizzy: So, it’s a long story but I’ll make it short.

TemidayoRiches: Bring it on. We are ready for all of it.😄

Lizzy: (Smiles) I had this strong push to put in for a Masters degree. University of Lagos became an option since I work in Lagos. I applied and found myself in a WhatsApp group added by someone I don’t even know.

Later, a friend of mine, Ibilola needed past questions and answers, then I remembered this generous guy who constantly provided an answer and made the group active and effective. So, I beeped him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get the materials for my friend but we got talking.

He kept in touch, encouraged me as regards the entrance exam. Make I tell you, this guy followed up with my exam prep. At a point I was like, ewo ni monitoring spirit gan😉

TemidayoRiches: Monitoring spirit🤣🤣🤣

Lizzy: Exam, admission and registration were done and dusted but uncle was a chat away. Always ready to help and give you the big push.

I guess the rest is history.

TemidayoRiches: Choi.History is happening 😂
This is so sweet. Bros followed bumper to bumper. Isokay😎.

Permit me to ask; what was it like waiting to be engaged?

Lizzy: Hmmmmmm, while waiting😊

I got to understand life is in phases. I was taught patience. Like, God sat me down and took me through the class and process of waiting and trusting. I’m glad I didn’t miss the class.

It was a time to completely trust in God. I mean I followed Him blindly. It was trust demanding.

At a point, married men were coming. My dear I cried, prayed and cried again.

Hmm, how were you able to navigate that period?

Lizzy: I read the Book “While Waiting” I drank particularly from Fikayo Adeyinka’s well of wisdom.

God opened my eyes to see that waiting period is not for pity party, self condemnation and regrets. What you didn’t do or did in the past is not the measure of God’s love for you.

Waiting Period is an avenue to pray for others in your shoe. Of a truth you’re not the only one in the waiting room. I had a list of friends I was praying for. Whenever they share their good news with me, I am happy for them, I tick off the prayer point and move on to the next testimony😊

Many times I forget my assignment . At some point, I was overwhelmed by beautiful wedding pictures social media brought to my timeline🙈

Aww. I love that realness, Sis.😄

Lizzy: Also, I surrounded myself with people that called me back to my senses. Sometimes, I report myself for scolding🤩

I also read “Praying for my future husband” and maximized Debola Deji Kurunmi’s (DDK) confession book.

TemidayoRiches: Hmm. Good friends, Intercession, Books and confession of God’s Word works. That’s great! I hope singles are taking notes🥴

Do you still believe in God choosing for His own? Can you tell us more about this based on your own experience?

Lizzy: Yes, mine wasn’t the usual God said you’re my wife, audible voice kinda thing. I prayed and had peace in my spirit.

It was tough because I can be strong-willed. I wanted so so and so man. I had to pocket my desires and follow God.

Trust in the Lord completely, and do not rely on your own opinions. With all your heart rely on him to guide you, and he will lead you in every decision you make. Don’t think for a moment that you know it all, for wisdom comes when you adore him with undivided devotion and avoid everything that’s wrong.
Proverbs 3:5‭, ‬7 TPT

I had to paste this scripture in my room for constant reset. And now, na me enjoy the love affair pass😂

TemidayoRiches: Aww…was there any time you had to deal with a misunderstanding in your relationship?
If yes, how were you able to handle it?

Lizzy: Ah, plenty sef. I mentioned that I can be strongwilled. Let me say, strong headed sef😋

“I am Sorry” is key

I had to facilitate an online seminar on misunderstanding in a marriage relationship. I was not in a relationship then, mehn it’s easier said than done. I preached fire 😆 but when uncle came, I forgot preaching in the midst of disagreement. The Holy Spirit took me back to my journal and asked me to preach to myself🙈

In all, I have to continually submit to God’s tutelage.

I am a work in progress.

TemidayoRiches: Wow…God is working on all of us o. Me inclusive😂.

So, many people believe courtship has to be very long so that they can get to know their spouse to be and have all the necessary discussions. Do you believe that, too?

Lizzy: Well, we started courting August 10 2019. Two years is not short I guess😊

It’s not in the length of days o.

We discussed many things as a matter of fact. Imagine, we talked about our chastity and celibacy on first date🤩 it’s weird right? this is not a template o biko.

We gist a lot actually. He plays a significant role in this relationship. No carry over gist and no carry over offense. Even if I’m not online, he’ll drop the long chat till I have the time to reply and vice versa.

In his words. “I want a beautiful marriage. I will enjoy my marriage is not by mouth you have to be intentions about it” Daily consciousness. Marriage is work and you must be deligent with it

TemidayoRiches: Wow. That’s great.

The chastity thing makes so much sense. I was about to ask how you were able to reach the chastity goal but I guess I have gotten my answer.

Lizzy: From the onset. It doesn’t mean it was easy. No, it didn’t come free. We talked about it. It only means we are healthy humans.

So, we started counting down. Why hurry when today is a minus from the years we would spend together looking at sex in the eye without any gbishgbish? So, Minus one.

TemidayoRiches: Hei God🤣 Everyday minus one. That’s wisdom. It is worth the wait🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

I know that planning a wedding could be stressful, how has it been for you, coupled with your exams and all?

Lizzy: Ahaha thé Lord is my Shepherd🤓

I can’t say it’s not demanding. It is, but I didn’t get to do so much because of the people in my circle. God really blessed me with gifts of men. My sister, friends, and Tribesmen carried my matter on their head🤩

The major stress I went through is mental stress.

TemidayoRiches: Thank God for the gift of men.

Any unforgettable moment during the courtship? Kindly share with us

Lizzy: I can’t really place it maybe because prep things are on my head.

But yes, I can forget how much sacrifice he put together on one of my exams day. He’s a lover boy unlike me that prove strong woman.

He brought me food. The sacrifice is this; He stays very far from where I was and yet, he had to carried two different coolers. That day, he went extra mile to buy Amala, my best meal. After that, he came all the way to Unilag to deliver it. Several miles apart. When he realized he may not be able to catch up with me due to traffic, he mounted a bike on Lagos express o just to reach where I was and he was very happy to see me smile.

I eventually had a nice treat coupled with a beautiful love note that blows my mind away.

TemidayoRiches: Aww. So sweet. Our brother is a lover boy❤

We have just a few hours left to the wedding. How do you feel? Can you put your feelings into words?

Lizzy: Wow! I feel loved, super pumped. In short, excitement is an understatement.

I am mesmerized by God’s love. It seems like a dream. Indeed, God is not slack concerning his promise.

TemidayoRiches: That’s so sweet, God is not slack concerning His promises.

Any advice to singles out there?

Lizzy: “If God did it for someone, He’s definitely in the neighborhood” it will soon be your turn

While Waiting do what waiters do, SERVE

Do it wholeheartedly and not profit minded. The Bible says you’ll reap what you sow, not necessarily where you sow. You get the gist right. Sow, serve, scatter your seed.

And don’t believe the lie the devil daily sings to your ears. Remember, he has been lying from the beginning. Na ogbonge liar.🥸 You are loved and beautifully made by the Master builder, Abba Father.

Change your mentality o. Good and godly men are not scarces.

Trust God completely, sometimes the instruction doesn’t make sense but if sense is what you see, nonsense dey your corner. Watch and Pray.

Keep your list of TDH to yourself. God does not need it

Everyone wants a good things but not to the detriment of God’s will and mind you, God gives the best gift ever.

TemidayoRiches: Wow! It’s been nothing short of fantastic having you on this interview. Thanks so much, Elizabeth. Congratulations😍

Lizzy: The pleasure is mine. Thanks so much for having me

TemidayoRiches: Fam, I have no doubt that you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for reading. You are amazing😍. And if you would like to share your story with us too, kindly reach out to me @

Have a weekend filled with love and everything good.😍


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  1. Yes I agree. We all need an “Elizabeth” in our lives. She is one of the best things ever to happen in this world. Always encouraging you everytime you cry on her shoulder, without getting tired. I enjoyed every word of this interview. Big sister’s words ministered to me again tonight. Mrs Elizabeth Kolawole, your home is blessed and good report only shall we always hear about it

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