Short stories

Lost (Chapter 9 and 10)

Chapter Nine

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9 pm

“Osheyyyy!” Ada screamed happily as Noma stepped out of the cab.
Jackie smiled at Noma. “You look beautiful”, she said as she gave Noma a side hug.
“Thank you”, Noma replied.

Clad in a short black dress and red stiletto heels, Noma was feeling very uncomfortable. This was the only ‘decent’ dress Jackie had found among her collections. It did not only end above her knees, it was also too tight for comfort. Ada and Jackie had commented that it brought out her shape perfectly.

“Let’s go”, she said. “We are going to be late”.
“That’s true”, Jackie concurred, with a wink at Ada. “You know we have to leave early”, she stressed.
Ada winked back and made her way to the entrance where three bouncers stood menacingly.

Ada displayed the three tickets and waited for Noma to go in first before grabbing Jackie by the arm.
“Jackie Jackie”, she hailed in a whisper. “I’m still puzzled. How did you get spirikoko to come?”
Jackie smiled widely and replied. “Well, God did it. I only assisted”.
Ada laughed and pinched her playfully.
“I hope you brought that stuff to make her relax?” Jackie asked.
“Sshh…” Ada shushed. “It’s right here…is it not the same stuff you took and you didn’t remember anything till you woke up in Jason’s bed?”
Jackie rolled her eyes and laughed. “We are in for a loooong night”.

10 pm

Noma felt restless. She had gone to the convenience thrice since they arrived. She was really uncomfortable with the environment and one of Ada’s male colleagues had been drooling over her since he met her an hour before. Jackie was seated on her left, in a deep conversation with one young man she recognized from a local TV station. Noma walked up to her quietly.

“Hello Jackie. Sorry to disturb you. When are we leaving?”
“Oh sorry dear. We’ll leave in an hour. Ada went to get us drinks”, Jackie replied.
As though on cue, Ada walked close with the drinks in her hand.

“Here’s yours, Noma. I brought you juice. I knew you won’t take alcohol”, Ada said as she handed her a glass.
“Thank you”, Noma replied as she sat down and emptied the content of the glass.
Instantly, she felt nauseated and then, she felt weak.

“Noma, you’ve been drugged”, her mind echoed. “You have been drugged”.
She looked at Ada and Jackie and saw them exchange a wink. She struggled to open her eyes as realization hit her. She instantly recalled when the Spirit had woken her up at night to pray. She had been too sleepy then. She was feeling even more sleepy now.

“Oh Holy One”, she said in her subconscious. “Forgive me. I’m sorry. Save me…” she muttered as she fell back on the chair, unconscious.


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