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Lost Chapter 11 and 12

Chapter Ten

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8th July, 2010

3 am

Dave looked at the clock in his office. It was 3 am. It was time for his morning rounds. The party had begun to wind down around 2 am. It was the same on every club night, even during the annual Touchdown party.

He was not the least bit sleepy. He had been in the world of clubs for about five years and he had been running his for over 3 years. He knew the in and out of the industry. He also knew it was a dangerous business because people, especially young people, were prone to vices, especially in clubs. He knew that from experience. That was why he usually made the morning rounds – to check against issues of drug trafficking and fighting.

Dave stood up from his seat and walked towards the door.
“The party went well”, he said to himself. They had exceeded their estimated profit by N10 million more. “Damian’s going to be so pleased”, he smiled.
“Where is Damian by the way?” He wondered. “Probably off with a new catch”, he muttered as he went outside and locked the door with his card-key.

Dave started from the VIP lounges. There were still some guests in the rooms. Most of them were sitting and sipping drinks with cool music playing at the background. Dave waived at a particular female DJ who had performed earlier. She had pulled off her sneakers and was busy conversing with a Nollywood actor. Dave shut the door quietly and made his way downstairs.

Downstairs, the main floor was almost empty. Some people had gotten drunk and passed out. A few couples were waltzing slowly to the soft blues. There was usually no problem here. The places where things got out of hand most times were the side rooms. When the previous manager – Duncan D had built D-Den, he had incorporated the side rooms for some guests, who were not VIP’s, to relax in private. Most people used the privacy the rooms afforded to smoke. That was fine with Dave. As long as it wasn’t drugs, he was fine. He also knew that some couples used those rooms to relieve their sexual orgies, he was not pleased with that but there was little he could do about it.

As Dave moved towards the side rooms, the apprehension he was feeling earlier returned with a vengeance.
“What is wrong?” He wondered.
There were three rooms on each side of the main floor. He opened the door of the first room to his right. There was a group in here. Several men and two ladies. They were all dressed in black leather jackets and boots. Dave took note of the empty bottles of alcohol on the table and the rock music blaring from the television. Some of them looked up at him while others ignored and concentrated on their cigarettes or their drinks. Dave nodded curtly and closed the door.
“All’s good here”, he whispered to himself.

He opened the second door and found only two men in the room, drunk to stupor. “Well, they’ll sleep it off”, he whispered again and turned off the television. As he exited the room quietly, Dave could almost feel his heart thumping within him.
“There must be something going on”, he concluded as he moved towards the third door.

Chapter Eleven

8th July, 2010

3.30 am

Noma felt weak… so weak. Her head felt like it weighed a tonne. Slowly, the events of the past few hours returned.
The spiked drink.
The fall.

“Where am I?” She wondered as she tried to move her hands. She felt an object moving on her back. It seemed she was lying on her bed.
“How did I get home?” she wondered again.

Suddenly, she heard a gruff voice from behind her and her eyes flew open. A man was trying to unzip her!
“Stop it!” Noma shouted. But even to her ears, it was a mere whisper. She tried to wriggle out of his hands but the man had a firm grip.

“Stop wriggling!” He ordered as he proceeded to pull her zip with more force.
“Your friends said you’ll be willing”, he continued fondling with the zip.
“Why won’t this zip come off?!” He asked in exasperation.

“Stop”, Noma tried again but no words could come out of her mouth.
“Stop”, she cried as the man tried to remove the zip with his teeth.

“Oh God!” Noma thought. “I know I did really bad. I’m sorry for not being more sensitive. I’m sorry for being too worried about my lack of a husband. I’m sorry for allowing my mother’s fears cause me to be afraid too. I’m sorry for not praying this morning. I’m sorry for everything wrong I’ve done. But, please Lord, help me one more time. Save me from this,” she whispered as her eyelids became heavy again. “Jesus, save me…”

At that instant, the door was pushed open and a tall, imposing man stood at the door. “Thank you Jesus for your answer,” Noma nodded slightly and slipped out of consciousness.

As Dave put out his hand to turn the door knob of the third side room, the feeling he had been having all evening heightened. He could almost hear his heart thunder in his ears as he turned the knob and pushed the door open. Dave’s heart nearly stopped at what he saw!
“What in the world?!” A man was trying to rape a young lady!

In a flash, Dave darted across the room and threw the man off the lady. The young man fell back to the wall with a groan. Dave knelt by the lady and saw that her zip had almost come off.
“Are you okay?” He asked but noticed she was not conscious. Her dress was quite tight but the zip was almost torn off!

“Bro…”, the younger man approached menacingly. Dave turned and received a punch on his nose. In anger, he grabbed the assailant’s hand, held his neck and pushed him to a nearby couch. He followed up by giving him two hard punches to his face and a rough shake.
“Don’t ever step into my club again!”

Dave picked up the young lady with a little trouble and carried her out of the room.
“Neil!” He called.
“Sir?” Neil came running.
“There’s a mad man in the third side room on the right. Get him out of there. He should never be let into this club again.” Dave ordered, heaving a little because of the weight on his shoulder.
Neil nodded as he watched his boss carry a lady out. He had an idea of what must have transpired.

To be continued next week. Thanks for this reading🥰🥰🥰


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