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Lost Chapter 13 and 14)

Chapter Thirteen

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8th July, 2010

3 am

Dave took the young lady to his car and got her settled in the passenger seat. He walked round and got into the driver’s seat. He closed the car doors and put on the air conditioner.

Dave watched the young lady as her eyelids drooped beautifully and her head bowed in sleep.
“She must have been drugged”, he thought as he looked in the mirror and noticed he was bleeding from his nose. He quickly opened the pack of Kleenex in his car, took some out and cleaned up.

After cleaning up, he took a bottle of water from the refrigerator and drank slowly. His eyes turned to the young lady again.
“She looks so familiar”, he whispered reverently.
As though she had heard him, the young lady’s eyes opened slowly. She looked around as though trying to take note of her surroundings before her gaze settled on him.

“Hi”, he greeted.
“Hello”, she muttered weakly.
“Here, have some water”, Dave said as he gave her the bottle of water.
“Thanks”, she replied in a whisper and took the water.

Noma drank a little out of the bottle and returned it.
“Thank you for your help. I’m really grateful”, she said as she folded her fingers in her lap.
“Don’t mention”, the young man replied, still staring at her.
“You have something on your lip”, he added as he retrieved the pack of Kleenex and handed it to her. Noma collected it and used the mirror as she wiped off the mess.

“Do I know you from somewhere?” the young man blurted out finally after staring at her for what seemed like an eternity. “You look very familiar”, he added.
“No, I don’t think we’ve met before”, Noma replied. “Except your child attends Independence Foundation Schools, Kubwa.”
At that, he laughed. Surprisingly, it was a relieving sound to Noma’s ears. She had been so ashamed, and quite frankly, a little bit scared.
“Children? I don’t have children yet”, he replied. “I’m not even married!” He added quickly.
“You just look very familiar. I’m Dave by the way”, he continued as he stretched out his hand for a handshake.

“I’m Noma”, she replied with a smile as she accepted his offer of a handshake.

Chapter Fourteen

8th August, 2010

3.30 am

There was an uncomfortable silence in the car for some minutes. Dave wondered what to say or do. This had never happened to him before. Noma was quite disconcerted too but she thanked God for sending her a saviour. She mentally resolved to move out of her apartment immediately.

After watching different emotions play across her face, Dave was sure of one thing – she was beautiful. He smiled at that. She noticed as she looked at him again through the mirror.
“Is something funny?” Noma asked as a smile played at the corner of her lips.
“No”, Dave replied honestly. “Just that you still look familiar and I’ve been unable to decipher where or when we must have met before.”
“Hmmn…” Noma mused. “Well, how about church? Do you attend Jesus Family Assembly, Kubwa?”
Dave’s face changed noticeably but he calmly replied, “No, No, I don’t.”
“Okay”, Noma agreed quickly. She wondered what the problem was. Immediately she mentioned her church, his face darkened.

Dave fumed inwardly. “Church? Church? So, she goes to church? And yet, here she is in a club almost getting raped! Mtcheew!” He looked at her through the mirror again. Her eyes were on him. His face softened under her gaze. He didn’t dare disbelieve her. Those eyes…
“What’s your story?” He asked. “How did you get in there… in that situation?”
“Oh…” Noma replied, embarrassed. “Foolishness. Simply foolishness”.
She proceeded to tell him how she had been convinced to come to the club and have fun only to be drugged and almost raped.

“Wow”, Dave breathed. “Those your friends are evil.”
“I just realized that”, Noma added quietly.
“What are you going to do now?” He asked as he turned to face her.
“I’ll be moving out”, Noma replied. “Immediately”, she added mentally.
“That will be best”, Dave concurred.

“Wow, look at the time!” Dave exclaimed. “Can I drop you off?”
“Sure. Thank you so much for everything.”
“The pleasure is mine”, Dave smiled as he turned on the ignition.

Dave drove her to her junction. Noma insisted he drop her there but he insisted that he would only drop her off at her gate. He won. He dropped her off at her gate. She knocked and the security officer opened after identifying her as a tenant. She had thanked Dave profusely one more time, bid him goodbye and entered into the compound before Dave remembered that he had not requested for her contact.
“I can always come back tomorrow or next to do that”, he thought as he reversed the car and headed towards D-Den.
“Why do I even wish to see her again?” he wondered. “Those eyes…” he muttered. “I definitely want to see them again.”


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