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Lost ( Chapter 3&4)

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“So, Dave Daniels popularly known as DD had earlier announced that his club D-Den was going to have its annual Touchdown party…” The show’s host stated excitedly.

“Yeah!” The other lady concurred. “And immediately he did that, several celebrities took to their social media handles to state that they’ll be there”, she added.

“The Touchdown had always been a sort of celebrity affair so I can’t say I’m surprised.” The first lady spoke up again.

Divine sat and watched the show. She had been scrolling through different channels looking for something to watch when she had stumbled on the ‘What’s Next?’ show on TVN and heard her brother’s name being mentioned.

She watched the show till it was concluded fifteen minutes later but there was no mention of her brother again. Quietly, she strode to the television stand and switched off the television. Then, she walked into the kitchen and silently joined her mother to pick the ugu leaves.

Mrs. Achane watched her daughter closely. They had been picking the ugu leaves together for almost five minutes and Divine, who was normally very talkative, had not uttered a word.

“Divine”, she called softly.

“Yes mummy?” She answered as she glanced at her mother and averted her eyes quickly.

“What is it? You’ve been very quiet since. What’s going on?”

“Mummy, I’m fine. It’s just that… It’s okay. It’s nothing. I’m fine.”

“Divine Achane!”

“Yes mummy!” Divine knew her mother only called her full name when it was time for a serious discussion or a reprimand.

“I asked you a question. What is it? What is eating you up?”

“I’m sorry mummy. It’s just that…you and daddy don’t like talking about it”, Divine spurted.

“About what?”


Mrs. Achane froze as she heard the name. “My son”, she thought but her mouth would not utter the words. She schooled her features and continued picking the ugu leaves.

“What about him?” She asked.

“Well, he was on TV a few minutes late. He’s hosting another party.” Divine said cautiously, aware that David’s name was still like salt grating the injuries of members of their family.

“It is well my dear. Let’s finish up this ugu quickly and pick the water leaves too. The vegetable soup must be ready before your father returns.”

“She’s closing the subject”, Divine thought, “…again”.

Chapter Four

1st August, 2010

“My dear, what is it?” Pastor Daniel Achane asked his wife. “You’ve been like this since yesterday evening. Have I offended you in any way?”

“No my dear, you have not”, his wife replied, still looking glum.

“Then, what is the problem?” He asked again. “And don’t tell me nothing. You’ve been telling me that since. Did you have a disturbing revelation? Is something wrong with Divine or Daniella and her family?”

“That’s the problem!” His wife spoke out sharply and hit her forehead with her left hand. Pastor Daniel understood that was always how she reacted when she was emotionally drained. She had been doing the same thing since they got married 32 years ago.

“My dear, what did you say the problem was? Daniella? But, her husband and I spoke via a phone call yesterday. He didn’t tell me that there was anything wrong with them or their children.”

“No my husband”, his wife spoke. “Not Daniella. The problem is the fact that we behave as though Divine and Daniella are our only children. My dear, don’t we…”

“Hmmm…” Pastor Daniel stood up from the bed and walked to the window. His wife came up behind him and placed her palms on his shoulders. He relaxed his taut shoulders at her touch.

“Mary, what do you want me to do?” He asked rhetorically. “You were here when that boy walked out five years ago, renouncing me, renouncing us, renouncing God! He left everything we had taught him and went out into the world.”

“I understand Daniel. I do. But, can a mother ever forget her suckling child? I feel the pain of a mother! Divine mentioned him yesterday…. something about a party on…”

“Yes….” Pastor Daniel interrupted. “Yes, party! Party! Party! That’s all he does. The son of Pastor Daniel of Dominating Disciples of Christ International, owner of a club!”

“It’s okay dear,” his wife cooed as she massaged his shoulders. “I understand. But, we need to keep praying for him. He will come back. I’m sure he will.”

“It is well my dear,” Pastor Daniel added as he turned to face his wife. He didn’t like seeing her worried or angry.

“Don’t let that disturb you my dear”, he said as he pulled her into his arms. “Don’t worry. Don’t think about it.”

“But, we will pray?” She asked as she looked up at him, encircling him with her arms as well.

“Of course my dear. We will pray.”

To be continued next Sunday. Thanks for reading 🥰😍🥰


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