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Lost (Chapter 5&6)

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3rd August, 2010

She saw him.
He had been trying to find his way in the middle of a thick forest.

“What is he doing here?” She wondered. “This forest is so dense”. She tried to call out to him and warn him of the coming danger but no words came out of her mouth.

Suddenly, his torchlight went off. He screamed, afraid.
“Mum!” He called and he sounded like a scared five year old once again. She tried to go to him but her feet were stuck. She watched in horror as chains came from nowhere and bound his hands and feet.

“No!” She cried. But once again, no words proceeded from her mouth.
“Mum! Dad! Help me!” He cried as he lay fastened to a tree with chains and locks.

She looked at him and compassion welled up in her. “No, no, no, NO!!! David!!!”

“Jesus Christ!” Pastor Daniel shouted as his wife screamed and woke up panting. He moved closer to her and saw her in a sitting position with her hand over her heart.

“What is it honey? What did you see?” In the 32 years of their marriage, Pastor Daniel had learnt not to take his wife’s dreams for granted. Severally, they had averted deaths, sicknesses and brought prosperity to themselves and other families in the church, just by praying in line with his wife’s dreams.

A glance at the clock showed him it was 2.15 am. He had been studying the Bible for the next Sunday’s sermon. He looked at his wife again. Her panting had reduced but her hand was still over her heart and her eyes were tightly closed.

“Honey, what is it?” He asked again as he watched a tear drop from her left eye.
“David”, she replied calmly.
“David?” Pastor Daniel asked, surprised.
“Yes, Dav…”, she was interrupted by her ringing phone.
Pastor Daniel frowned. “Who is calling at 2.15 in the night?” He asked.

Mrs. Achane picked up her phone and looked up at her husband, surprise written on her face. “It’s Daniella”.
“Ah!” Pastor Daniel exclaimed, surprised as well. “Pick it”.
“He…hello Danny dear”.
“Hello Mummy”, Daniella’s voice came on the line.
“How are you doing? Why are you calling by this time?” Mrs? Achane asked.

“Mummy…” Daniella started and burst into tears. “Mummy, it’s David. I just had the most terrible dream”.
“Ah! You too?” Mrs. Achane asked and hit her hand on her forehead.
“You had one too?” Daniella asked.
“Yes my daughter. We need to pray o.”
“Yes Mummy, we need to pray. I couldn’t even wake Henry. I just thought to call you first. Please, tell Daddy. Let’s organize fasting and prayer. I am not sure all is well with David”. Daniella continued.

“It’s okay, my dear. I’ll tell him. I’ll keep you updated”.
“Okay Mummy. Bye”.
Pastor Daniel sat on the bed and folded his arms. He had listened to the conversation between his wife and his daughter as the phone had been placed on ‘Loudspeaker Mode’.

“Hmmm…”, his wife breathed deeply. “My dear, we need to pray o”.
“I know”, Pastor Daniel replied. ” We can’t take any warnings for granted. I know he walked out on us. Anytime I think of that, I get angry. But, I trust that God can do anything. Who knows? Perhaps it is time for the prodigal son to return home.”

“Oh God…” Mrs Achane began. “God…save my Dave. He must not perish…Help Lord…” She groaned and burst into tongues.

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Chapter Six

6th August, 2010

Daniella Mukoro paced in her living room. She had just ended her 3-day fast for David. She realized she was pacing and stopped. She sat on the couch and prayed.
“Lord, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for still being worried when I have prayed. Please help me trust You. Help me to be assured that You are in control. Amen.”

She looked at the clock. It was 5pm. She had ended her fast around 4pm. Her husband, Henry was not back from work yet. The kids were playing in their bedroom. She decided to go prepare dinner.
“But first, let me call Mummy,” she decided as she crossed to the mantelpiece to pick up her phone.

“Hello, Mummy”, she greeted. “Good evening.”
“Good evening my dear. How are you?” Her mother replied.
“I’m fine. Thank God. How was your fast?”
“It went well”, Her mother replied and as though she knew what was going on with Daniella, she added, “No need to worry my dear. God is in control. The enemy may fight but God has delivered David.”
“Amen!” Daniella echoed. “Okay, bye mummy.”
“Bye for now, my dear.”

Daniella felt much better but before she dropped the phone, she decided to call one more person – David. When David left five years ago, he must have blocked his line. That was barely a year into her marriage. She had tried severally to reach him but his line was never reachable. Later on, when they discovered he was in the club business, Daniella had tried all she could to reach him to no avail. She had later relocated to Accra with her family.

Daniella always reminisced of her wonderful childhood with David. They had been practically inseparable. They were usually regarded as twins but she was three years older than David. Divine had come much later.

“What went wrong?” This was a question that never left her mind. She usually thought that if she had been around, David would not have left. Perhaps he could have had someone to talk to. But, he left. Five years ago.

Some months back, she had been skimming through some blog posts when she came across the club, D-Den. Out of curiosity, she clicked and saw the news about the handsome owners of the high-class club being single. Daniella was surprised as she saw no other person than…David. She had been able to get the general club number used for bookings but, she had never summoned the courage to call. Now, she did.

She dialled the number and listened as it rang without being answered. On the second try, someone picked and a deep male voice came on the line.
“He… hello. Daniella stuttered. “I’d like to speak to Dave Daniels please”.
“I’m sorry!” The male voice replied. “This is D-Den Club’s general line. You’d have to call Mr. Daniels personally”.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I lost his contact and I want to reach him. Please help”, Daniella pleaded.
“Hmmm…I would have loved to but he is quite busy now and he is not even available at the moment.”
“Oh…” Daniella breathed.

“You know what?” The man continued. “I’ll tell him you called. What’s your name please?”
“Ehmm. . . just tell him Danny called.”
“Sorry please. Before you go, who are you please?”
“Oh… I’m Neil.”
“Oh… okay. Bye Neil.”

Daniella stared at the phone for a few minutes before going to the kitchen.
“God is already working,” she thought. Since he left, no one had been able to reach Dave.
“This is a start. Thank You Lord.”

To be continued next week. Have a beautiful week ahead🥰🥰🥰


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