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Lost (Chapter One)

27th July, 2010

“Aunty Noma!”
Noma looked back at the pupil waving from his father’s car and smiled.

“Be good Edwin! Enjoy your holidays!” She waved back as the car geared into motion.

The school had just concluded their end of year party and the holidays were about to begin. Noma was glad the session was over – teaching primary 3 pupils was quite taxing.

She enjoyed her job and the pupils loved her but it was a stressful job. Noma was glad that the pay was adequate but happier that for the next one month and two weeks, she wouldn’t have to prepare lesson notes and mark assignments for the 32 pupils of Primary 3A, Independence Foundation Schools, Kubwa, Abuja.

Noma had come to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja three years ago for her National Youth service. After her service year, she had been retained by the school and she had enjoyed her stay so far. There was only one little problem – her mum was disturbing her to get married. She had recently turned 27 and her mother had turned her to a constant prayer point.

For this reason, Noma dreaded going home but her mother had resorted to daily phone calls with scriptural passages and advice on how to be attractive to men. Noma didn’t know what to do. She had prayed and fasted – the men coming did not tickle her fancy. She was certain none of them fit the qualities she wanted in a man.

Still ruminating over her mother’s disturbance and her ‘singularly single’ status, she walked into her compound. The compound was a ten-minute walk from the school. She had actually rented the three-bedroom apartment on the first floor of the storey building with two other ladies when they were still serving.

Jackie, one of the ladies had been retained at the pharmaceutical firm where she served too but Ada, the other lady, had not been retained at the school where she served as a teacher but after two months of job-hunting, she had gotten a job at a microfinance bank.

The three ladies had decided to continue with the housing arrangement. Each took care of one-third of the house rent, electricity and water bill.

Noma greeted a neighbour who was outside playing with her daughter before walking to her apartment and letting herself in. She was as exhausted as she looked.

“With all of Mama’s disturbance and my lack of a husband, who wouldn’t be tired?” She thought as she stripped of her clothes and stepped into the bathroom.

Chapter Two

30th July, 2010

“Jackie! Jackie!” Ada called happily as she waltzed into Jackie’s room.

“Babe, what’s up?” Jackie replied as she left the novel she was reading and got up from her bed.

“Guess what?!”
“What nau?”
“D-Den is going to be on fire next weekend! Yay!”

“Babe, are you serious?” Jackie asked, getting excited as well.

“Oh yes! And guess who’s going to be there?” Ada asked.
“All the stars I’m sure!” Jackie replied enthusiastically.

“Yes o! Not just all the stars. You remember that handsome bobo that sang, ‘Baby gimme one, two, three…’?

“Yes nau.” Jackie replied. “What’s his name sef o? Yes, I got it! Darling Allen, he’s dating Zukky, the actress.”

“Exactly”, Ada concurred. “He’s going to be there LIVE! Even his gf Zukky is coming. They both confirmed it on their IG handles.”

“Woooow! Which date?” Jackie enquired.
“It’s on Friday night o”, Ada replied. “7th August.”

“Night for the ballerz”, laughed Jackie. “If no be celebrity stuff, I for go o. As it is now, they’ll be doing that ‘Strictly by invitation stuff’. ” Jackie sighed and sat down on her bed, feeling less enthusiastic.

“Jackie, don’t you trust me?” Ada winked.
“Ada, no!” Jackie looked up laughing.
“Yes!” Ada smiled.
“Oh my G! You got an invitation?” Jackie asked incredulously.

Ada laughed and responded. “You know Ola nau? That guy that works in the bank’s IT Dept?”

“Yes, yes…” Jackie nodded. “The one that has been disturbing you to date him?”

“Ehen…that one. He got invitations and I played some cards to get two from him. You know he has friends in high places nau?” Ada strutted round the room like a peacock as she talked.

“Ha! Ada, I trust you! We are going to that club and we’re gonna party! Jackie jumped up and screamed.
“Parte after parte!” Ada concurred.

Noma walked into Jackie’s room still sleepy. The loud talking and the shouts had woken her.

“Jackie”, she asked softly. “What’s going on? Why are you guys shouting?”

“Baby! We are going to party!” Jackie shouted excitedly.

“Does it look like we’re fighting?” Ada asked playfully.

“Hmm” Noma yawned. “I’m going back to sleep jare.”

“Don’t you want to go with us?” Jackie asked as she shared a look with Ada.

“No. Enjoy yourself.” Noma called out as she walked back to her room.

Ada laughed and hit Jackie playfully. “You never get tired of trying Jackie. Don’t you know Noma’s ‘spirikoko’ will not allow her have fun?

“That girl needs to loosen up seriously and I know just how to do it.” Jackie added thoughtfully.

“Hmm…okay o.” Ada mused.

To be continued next week🥰😍🥰😍


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