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Lost; Finding the way home by E.C Hannah

Hello Fam😍, it’s been a veryyyy long time.🙈 (covers face) but it’s so good to be back again. I missed sharing reviews with you every weekend but I am super glad to be back again.

Today, we would be reviewing, Lost: Finding the way home, a novel written by E.C Hannah.

After an event that shook David’s life, he left home. He left his beliefs and everything that ever mattered to him and he became another man, completely different from who he was before.

His own kind of waywardness was strange. After many years of being lost from his reality, something defining happened to him. I would say it was a kalos moment but was what the outcome?

Dear reader, find out in the novel but wait, I still have somethings to tell you about this novel.😂

This story is beautiful in every sense of the word. I love the plot, the series of events leading to the climax. It is intriguing.

While reading, I found myself laughing at some points. At other times, I was praying fervently for my favourite character. You can imagine😂.

I love the Bini interjections in the novel. It made me love the language and made it so real. Lest I forget, the final chapter is a bang! Hannah sure knows the best way to end a story.

This story centres on love, forgiveness and restoration.

The Lessons
👉Raising a child isn’t a ‘kettle of fish’, it requires intercession, love and perseverance.

👉It’s not too late to go back home. By ‘home’, I mean, it is not too late to go back to Jesus. He is the surest refuge.

👉It doesn’t matter how bad you think things are, don’t compromise your stand because of pressures.

👉Yielding to the Holy Spirit is key. Disobedience can be deadly.

👉 The love of a family cannot be underestimated.

👉 If you have siblings/family members that seem to be the black sheep of the family, don’t give up on them, keep interceding for them. God is counting on us.

This novel is highly recommended. Hannah did a great job. You can get your copy for a token HERE. Also, there is an ongoing series by the Author on this blog right now😄. Exciting, right? Yeah. Read Hadiza HERE

You can follow E.C Hannah on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for reading. Lots of love💕. Happy Weekend, Fam. Don’t forget, you can get your copy of Lost, on Bambooks, Okadabooks, Amazon or SELAR


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