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8th August, 2010

Dave drove through the busy Abuja roads, enjoying the serenity and the cool music from the car radio. He leaned back on the seat and breathed deeply.

“I’m exhausted”, he thought as he manoeuvred another turn. If he wasn’t on the road driving, he could’ve chosen to sleep off.

His mind wandered to the beautiful lady he had just dropped off.

“What did she say her name was again?” He frowned as he tried to recall.

“Yes, that’s it. Norma”, Dave smiled as he pronounced it. “I like it. Strange name for a Nigerian lady though”, he added.

He smiled as he recalled how limp she had been when he carried her in his arms. There was something about her eyes. Those eyes reminded him of his mother. Not to mention the fact that she looked so familiar, as though he had met her somewhere before…somewhere like his father’s church.

Dave smiled ruefully as his family came to mind – his father, mother and sisters – the perfect family. Almost as quickly as he remembered them, he forced them out of his mind.

“That was a long time ago Dave. You chose this life, remember? You left home and became the black sheep. You never understood God and you never will”. Dave calmed his raving mind and focused on the road.

Ten minutes later, he pulled into the driveway of D-Den. He parked and got out, pulling his jacket around him tighter. He heard sirens in the distance but didn’t make too much of it.

“Probably police officers off on another armed robbers hunting spree”, he though as he walked into the building.

The club was almost empty now. The lights were out and two cleaners and a bartender were cleaning up the main floor. Dave was sure that there were still people in the inner rooms by the side and the VIP lounge upstairs. It was always like that. Those ones would find their way home before 6 am.

“Welcome sir”, the workers greeted as he made his way to the elevator.

“Thank you”, he replied briskly.

Dave made his way to the topmost floor of the building and walked down the hallway till he got to the last door with the inscription ‘DAVE DANIELS’. He checked his wristwatch as he brought out his card-key.

“3 am. That lady’s place is really far”, he muttered as he slot in the card. The door opened and he went in.

“Back to my office”, he whispered as he switched on the light and shut the door.

“What the…”, Dave cursed as his feet hit a stack of cartons. Dave froze as his eyes fell on a figure wedged between the cartons….a female figure.

Stark naked.

“What is she doing here for God’s sake? How did she get in here?” He asked to no one in particular. He was shocked as he touched her, trying to wake her up. Dave fled backwards at the coldness of her skin.
With his hands to his mouth, he let out a shrill cry.

“She…she…she’s dead!”

“Who is this? What is going on?” Dave’s thoughts swirled around as someone began to knock.
He opened the door to find policemen rushing into the room. He recalled the faint siren sounds at the background. They had been following him!

“Officers, I don’t… I just…what is going…”

“Mr. Dave Daniels, you are under arrest for murder and drug trafficking. Anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law. You are entitled to all your constitutional rights, including the right to legal representation. Let’s go.”

To be continued next week. Thank you🥰


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Hannah Enyawuile is an attorney and astute scholar. She is also the Chief Editor at PANN Editorials, a virtual firm for professional book editing. Hannah has a passion for writing godly fictional stories. She also loves teaching and travelling.

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