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Love Me Again

Love Me Again, a must-read.
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Last week in my interview with Tope Omotosho, I promised to bring you the review of her latest book, Love Me Again. It’s ready. Let’s have it.🤭💃

One beautiful thing about Tope Omotosho’s books is that she touches rare areas, Love Me Again wasn’t an exception in that regard. This is a story that would stir up hope in you, no matter what you are going through.

Tahira and Idris had a beautiful home and everything seem to be going on well until an attack that almost took Tahira’s life. The sequence of events that followed will stir up so many emotions in you. At some point, I emphatised with the characters, especially Tahira.
I laughed and almost cried too.

Just like Tope Omotosho said in the interview, Tahira is a strong woman, very strong. I admire her strength. The trials she faced were huge but they led her to find the most beautiful thing ever. You should get a copy of the book to get the full gist.

The themes range from love, family, pains, heartbreak, terrorism, autism, Christian living and restoration.

This book is full of lessons and it will bring you to ask yourself some deep questions like; Do I love people enough?

Let me share some of the lessons with you:
👉 No matter the race, tribe, religion etc, God desires to see all men saved.

👉There is a way God wants us to go about sharing the Gospel with unbelievers, especially people of different religions. If you desire to win souls for God, you should check out this book. Let’s continue:

👉 God doesn’t do evil but when things happen, He takes those things and use them for our good. No matter what you are passing through, God is still in charge. He is ever willing to help you.

👉As a man, learn to make your decisions by yourself. I felt like speaking sense to Idris when he couldn’t stand on his own in this regard.

👉 No matter how pressing your needs are, don’t rush into decisions. It may be deadly. Idris almost fell for this.

👉 God comforts us so that we can comfort others. Winifred, Evelyn and Ahmari are examples of this. They went through difficult times and their testimonies helped others, too.

👉It doesn’t matter how bad you feel right now, God can still give you beauty for ashes, you only need to trust Him.

👉The impact of having godly friends and people around you cannot be overemphasised.

There are so many other lessons but I will stop here. You can get your copy on Bambooks, Okadabooks and Amazon and if you missed the interview with Tope Omotosho, you can catch up here. You rock!
Thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of the weekend🥰🥰🥰


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