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Great minds😍. It’s so good to share this time with you again. I look forward to this every week, smiles 😆. Trust your week was fine? Happy new month, pardon me, I haven’t said that. I should have said that last week but PHCN decided to play a fast one on me. I had written the book review but…e get as e be😂 So this week, I won’t bore you. Let’ go straight into our book review, Loving Amada by Laju Iren. This book is the part one in this series.

Until last week, I had not read any book by Laju Iren but one of my sweet sisters read this particular book and gave a review so I thought of checking it out too. You never can tell who needs to hear about what you are doing, there is a lot of power in recommendation. Little wonder why I was so excited when Bambooks recommended one of my books.💃

Okay.Okay,let’ move on.😅

The Story

Amanda had a rough life since her undergraduate days, she had messed up big time and she was barely living until the day she had the courage to face the monster who was hunting her. That was the day she got her freedom. She hit Gbenga, her oppressor, so badly such that she thought he was dead.

After the almost completely victory, she didn’t know where to run to but she remembered a random stranger who had given her a tract earlier that day and that was her having grace. She got the help she needed.

From that point on, her life took a new turn, it felt too good to be true but just when she was beginning to glow in her new found hope, her past roared its ugly head like a hungry lion. She was almost stuck but grace and love found her and to crown it all, her secret dream came true.

Amanda  moved from being a school drop out who was said to be good for nothing to a tech guru and a woman who found love.

This story speaks of a new begining. I love the fact that some parts of the book are relatable to our Christian walk. For instance, when Goch had to preach in a bus and his palms became sweaty, oh my, I could relate with that, it takes courage and commitment to share the good news with others and just as portrayed in this book, someone’s life may be tied to it, we can’t afford to hold back as Christians.

I also love how divine direction was emphasized. Amanda was able to get the right room to go in the brothel through divine directions, it reinforced it in my mind how we must trust God completely as we go ahead to fulfill His mandate.

Although, there were some parts that looked rushed to me. Like, I felt those scenes could be elongated so that we can see the full picture of what happened  but they weren’t and I sincerely hope that the movie adaptation will cover this and bring those parts to life. I look forward to watching and I am glad that the shooting has started. You can follow @ Laju Iren on IG for updates on the shoots.

I had a good read and I love the fact that was matters most to God, Evangelism, was embedded in the book. You want a short but interesting novel this weekend? Read Loving Amanda. You can get your copy from @ Laju Iren or read on Bambooks or Okadabooks.

Thank you, dear reader. You are the reason I get excited about doing this every week. I love you right back. You are the best. Have an amazing weekend. See you next week😘😘😘


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