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My people, my people. The hot gist has finally landed😂. On this one, I can’t keep quiet. Praise Jesus, somebody.🙌 Let the hallelujah sound from the back I before I continue.😁

Yeah, you got it. My sister and friend is getting married.💃  See ehn, this week is so important that we have been talking about it since law school even when it was’t looking like it. I could go on and on, so pardon me because “ayam” excited. So let’s meet the bride.

Tee: I am Taiwo Ajiboye, a legal practitioner by profession. I love God. I love weddings😍. I love children and I am unapologetic about celebrating people. 

Wow! That’s so sweet. Taiwo loves weddings and celebrations. ‘Owambe woman of life’😂  Thanks for agreeing to do this. We are here for the gist. So how did you meet your fiance?

Tee: Damola and I went to Covenant University. He was two years ahead of me but we never met despite having mutual friends and acquaintances ( Tobi Lobiyi, Toyin Akinyemi, Ololade Staveley,Mercy Ebuetse). We met only ten years after.

I met Damola for the first time on 30th December, 2021 at the Young Ministers Retreat (YMR) , Redemption Camp. I had gone to the Green Room to see Mama Jane Arowolo because my Pastor, P.Daniel, had told me she needed help with company registration and stuff. 

In the middle of the meeting, Damola walked in with his Pastor, (Pastor Akin Akinpelu) and Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo. I knew I had seen his face before, so after my meeting I walked up to him and exchanged pleasantries. It was nice to see him outside the The Purity Journey Co.WhatsApp group because we both belong to the same whatsapp group.

As I was walking out of the green room, I met my big sister, Oluwaremilekun Agboola, and told her I had met someone special (“The One”). We chorused God’s will be done (lol) So, I had no expectations.

Taiwo, wait o😂. You need to pause. Mehn! This is sweet o. But I need to ask you. When you saw him, how did it happen that you went out and told your sister that you had met The One. Taiwo, how?😌 Were you in the spirit? Did you get a prompting or something. Abeg, tell us.

Tee: (Smiles) I was in a charged spiritual atmosphere na and we were fasting. I didn’t make any move though. But everytime I looked at his picture before then I knew there was more to him. I was just drawn to him.

Hmm. Wow!

Tee: Fortunately and by divine orchestration, Damola called me that same day that one of his friends forgot his anointing oil that Bishop Wale Oke had prayed on and he needed to get it as soon as possible. I told him not to worry and I immediately called my Pastor’s wife, then fiancee ( Moromooluwatiketike) that someone I knew forgot his anointing oil and she should help me bring it to church the next Sunday. She did and I saw Damola to give him the anointing oil on the first Sunday of January 2022 during YMR Thanksgiving Service at LSC THE BRIDGE at the Ikeja Airport Hotel. 

Wow! I hope someone did not forget “anointing oil” somewhere right now😂. Glory to God, somebody!

Tee: We kept tabs on each other and became acquaintances but we never had an idea that love will happen to us.😂

Fast-forward to 13th April, 2022 , I chatted him and stated that I noticed his Church’s banner and  asked if they had moved to where I saw the banner and he confirmed that they had moved. I said okay and we began to gist for about two hours as orchestrated by my friend Tumininu Kolawole. This time, we were just friends. Damola said he wanted to be my friend and I said “it’s okay”. Remember, I had no expectations. 

Fast forward to my birthday (May 29th), it was a landmark and I needed to celebrate with my friends. I told Damola and he helped me with securing the place and getting speakers. At that time, my friends were wondering who Damola was, I only told them he was just a friend lobatan! and that was it but as per fine beautiful African lady, Damola was smitten by me that day.😂 God decided to open the eyes of the workaholic guy. It was like my pink dress made by Prim Up did the magic🤣 but I knew God was in the details.

Damola waited till we finished my party even though he  was working on his laptop. He dropped me off at home and from that day Damola started to video call me. That was when I started “suspecting”😂. Anyways, a week after that, Damola asked me out. I was just laughing like  no be friendship you want, friendship you will get o. But I was at peace with him and the fact that he was first my friend before he became my lover was an answered prayer. 

Few months after, he popped the big question and of  course, I said Yes❤️

Wow🤭 This story sweet sha!

But we’d like to know, what was it like waiting to be engaged?

Tee: Hmm…

Sometimes I wanted to run out. I just wanted to be loved by the opposite sex and sometimes I just hugged my pillow.😂 I prayed sometimes. Sometimes, I felt God wasn’t even listening. 

But I had to enjoy the wait if not, there would be no graduation. So I occupied myself with work, watched movies and attended a lot of weddings.😂I was too busy.

So when you were waiting, was there any painful experience you had?

Tee: Yes o. Sometimes I cried myself to sleep. One experience was when a lady refused me carrying her baby or coming to say hello to her baby because I was single.

(Rolls eyes) Are you for real? I think that’s ‘extra’. Kilode?🤷‍♀️

Tee: Yeah, but I forgave her and when she gave birth to her second child, I only called to say congratulations😁.


Tee: But at every point in time, I was genuinely happy for people. I sowed my presence and time for people’s events. Everything is a seed, I kept celebrating others.

You are right. What we celebrate multiplies in our lives. 

We have just a few days left to the wedding. How do you feel? Can you put your feelings into words?

Tee: I feel good and surprised. It’s more like when God turned the captivity of Zion…it’s like I am dreaming. I’m still in awe of God because truth be told, when my fiance came, I wasn’t expecting so much.

I just wanted to be his friend even though I knew there was something about him.  I only realized I will be getting married when I went for my wedding gown fitting. At a point, I was like shey na me this?

In all, I am grateful and joyful that God is never late. He makes all things beautiful at His time.

Wow! God is never late!

Planning a wedding could be stressful, how has it been for you?

Tee: It’s a sweet stressful experience but I enjoyed every bit of it. I had planned and have been involved in my friends’ and sister’s wedding so it wasn’t too much of a task for me.

I agree. You plan events so well. When I think of Teekay’18, I am reminded that event planning is your thing. You should take it as a side business or what do you think?😉

Tee: Yes😁 I should, because I enjoy it a lot. It makes me happy.

Was there any time you had to deal with a misunderstanding in your relationship?

Tee: Yes o. We are quite different but we resolved through communication. We talk about everything. I learnt not to bottle up stuff.

Aside from the constant reminder to be joyful and trust God, were there other things that helped put your mind at rest while waiting?

Tee: My parents, sister and friends including you. I had the best support system ever.

Thank God for the gift of men🙌

Tee: Also, don’t ever pressure yourself. Enjoy yourself. My big sis(Sis Remi)  and I use to have lunch dates regularly. When we couldn’t go again because of time, every Sunday, I treated myself to a nice meal.

That’s sweet. It’s a nice idea, every ‘single pringu’ should try it😂

Any unforgettable moment during the courtship? Kindly share with us.

Tee: Everyday is unforgettable with my friend. But one of the events or moments I will never forget has to be my proposal. It happened in one of my favorite places (church at LSC Omole). I was reading my own love poem and I had no idea…


Do you believe in God choosing for His own? Can you tell us more about this based on your own experience?

Tee: Yes, He still does. Just allow God choose for you. Don’t box God. I wanted to meet my husband at a wedding because I love owanbes but I was wrong .God showed up in another way.

Don’t box God in a corner. He cannot be boxed 

Our society is a blessed one, you must have gotten the “when are you getting married question” so many times, what was your reply each time?

Tee: I used to be angry at this question but I stopped being angry because no one can pressure you if you don’t pressure yourself. I started to tell people  “at God’s time” and  nobody catches any late comers in marriage. Some others,I told them soon…

Perfect answer! People and questions.😒

Was there any time the question was asked and you felt so bad?

Tee: (Smiles) Yeah…

One bad experience I will never forget was 5th January 2021. One guy who had been on my case sent a nasty text message. He said my twin sister was married with a child and that I was getting old and no man wants to marry me. 

I cried that day,  spoke to my parents and my favorite aunty and her husband,  they told me not to reply that text. I settled and told God he only reminded You that I am still waiting.

Wow! It’s his audacity for me. People get ‘mind’ sha! Well, I love the way you handled it. Thumbs up! 

I have known you for years now and I know you had a watchword through your waiting season, what was it?

Tee: (Smiles) Joy is a weapon. Never loose your joy. 

I wrote these words on my Whatsapp status as many times as I could. It was a reminder to me that nothing must steal my joy, not even being unmarried.

Joy is a weapon. Thanks for sharing this secret, Taiwo😍💃. Na to dey rejoice everytime remain like this.😄

But wait, how did you come about it?

Was it through an encounter or something?

Tee: Heyyy😀….Joy is my weapon. Joy has always been and will ever be. Since 2020 when my mum renamed me “Erimipe” (my testimony is complete), I knew something good was coming but I didn’t know how or when. I learnt to rejoice with other people. In fact some people said I had no thoughts( mi o ni ironu)😂.

My dad was a very strong support too. He never pressurized me. My dad made me chew Romans 12:12 – “Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulations and continuing instant in prayer”. It was one of my favourite verses

James 1:3 -“knowing that the trying of our faith worketh patience

Wow! That’s beautiful. Thanks to Daddy and Mummy. You have lovely parents, I must say.🔥🤗

Tee: Thank you😁.

The period of waiting made me grow. I learnt to celebrate people. I learnt to be genuinely happy and love my company.


Now, I want you to say it as it is, were there days you obviously got tired of the whole thing? Like God! How far na?

Tee: Yeah. There were times I wondered if I had problems, if I was not beautiful enough. But I learnt that God is never late. When He comes,  He comes. When it seems He is late, He comes big.

Many people, including churchgoers, people it is almost impossible to have a sexually pure courtship?

What’s your view about this and what do you think people in courtship could do to attain this goal. We would like to hear from you?

Tee: It’s  very possible to have a sexually pure courtship but it takes a lot of self control and discipline. Boundary setting is also very key.

Thanks for that, Taiwo. Do you have any advice to singles out there?

Tee: Yeah…

1)God is never late.

2) Don’t ever be sad because you are single. Look your best.

3) Be friends with your partner. It was very key for me

4) Trust God even when you cannot see anything.

5) Intentionally kick out envy, REJOICE WITH OTHERS. CELEBRATE WITH OTHERS 

6) Never lose your joy.

7) Confess and pray because God hears o. I loved dimples and God paid attention to that.


So you called forth a dimpled man?😌

Tee: Yes o, my sister😄

God is a sweet Father. He pays attention to details.🙌

Tee: Don’t be afraid of being friends with people. Don’t always put your mind in being in a relationship. 

Stay with people of likeminds. People who can pray for you, people who can talk sense to you. For example, I have that one big brother in the Uk, anytime I feel funny, I tell him and he just has a way of talking sense to me, that I have waited this long for you cannot afford to mess it up. 

He gets me right on track. 

Have an accountability partner. Wait rightly. Don’t see it as a punishment. I enjoyed the journey. It happened when I wasn’t expecting. 

If someone had told me I would be getting married this year, I would have laughed but you are a function of what you say. I remember someone telling me when I was in law school that it is going to be with speed and God did it. 

I can see God’s hand in everything that happened, I can see God in the details. That’s why our hashtag is #AMatchMadeInHeaven.

So, if you are waiting, please enjoy the waiting season. I know it is hard but God is your greatest companion. Don’t allow envy. Be happy for people genuinely. Never lose your joy!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Thank you so much, Taiwo. I enjoyed every bit of the interview. You are such a darling.

Tee: The pleasure is mine. Thank you for having me, Temi🥰.

Hi Fam, I have no doubt you had a good time too. Thank you.

Congrats, Taiwo. Your home is blessed and you fulfill God’s purpose this season.😍


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  1. Joan Agbesor says:

    I am so excited for Taiwo and Damola. It is indeed a match made in Heaven.
    I met Taiwo(our beautiful bride ) at Nigerian Law School, Yenagoa campus. She happens to be one of my roommates. I must confess that Taiwo’s lifestyle, is that which every single should emulate. Waiting is not easy but we will definitely reap from waiting on God. Since I met Taiwo there is no function especially weddings that Taiwo does not attend. On her WhatsApp status she always celebrate couples, children, church members, pastors,and friends. Sometimes I wonder where the energy comes from.
    I thank God for this union. Indeed God makes everything beautiful in his time. Glory to God.

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