My Confession

He isn’t stingy with mercy.
I take a cue from Him and choose to be merciful
Though haters may take me for a fool.

He loves with no reason.
I walk in his arms
And with love my enemies I disarm.

He is patience defined.
I put my hands in His
And endure the maddening situation because with Him,
I learn or win.

He is generous with forgiveness
So I hand him the pain
And free my offenders from the chains.

He is Jesus the Christ,
He is my Saviour.
With Him I am safe and saved.

© Toluwanimi Lazarus (2019)

What is your confession?


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A Jesus' girl, Toluwanimi Lazarus is also a writer, public speaker, volunteer and actress. She is passionate about young people and teenagers too. She is also a sustainable development enthusiast.

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