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I’m super happy that good things are happening to those around me. It’s my prayer that this goodness will spread around in Jesus name!

Dear Friend,
Now that he has said it,
Now that you have said yes,
Now that the vision is becoming clearer,
Now that you are no more a ‘single lady looking for Wi-Fi’
Now that you have an ‘Oluwa’,
Now that you have been robed with the garment of the ‘engaged’
Now, dear Friend,
Work has started!

You have been confessing and making positive proclamations,
You have been praying and fasting for him even before he came,
You have been doing all night and even all morning just for him,
You have been studying and preparing,
Now he is here,
Everything is now in proper perspective!

No more, ‘God bless my future husband where ever he is’
It is now, ‘God bless bro so and so, now and forever’
It is now, ‘Bro so and so’s steps are ordered by God’
Your prayers for him must now become personalized…
It is time to discover who he is to be in God and help fine tune him to fit into God’s perfect plan…
It is time to do some serious work my dear,

Be very spiritual about it,
Get your gettings about him now,
For a time will come,
When what will keep you,
When what will sustain your testimony,
Will be your convictions today,
Your discoveries now.

Dear Friend,
Take time to have fun too,
Play around,
Create memories,
Let your time together matter,
It would be part of your story tomorrow…

Dear Friend,
Now that you are engaged,
May the Lord uphold you,
May He Keep His face shining on you,
Your testimony will be complete,
You know I love you,
Jesus loves you more,
Bro also loves you…

NB: Don’t ask me who ooo😂😂😂😂😂

Your love, now and always
Adeniyi Mercy Oluwafemi


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