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Hello Fam🥰💃, it’s been a while since we did this. Every love story is unique and different from the ones you’ve heard before. You sure want to read this. (Clears throat)

Titoluwanimi is the special bride we are celebrating this week and I am so glad to be doing this. It’s so sweet😂. Well, the bride is a friend and sister to me😂. Thank God I am not a man before ‘sosu media pipo’ will say I am saying something else. It’s being a long time coming and I am grateful to God. The week is finally here 💃💃💃. Trust me, my cloth is set. Get ready to meet me at Osogbo this weekend. Without much ado, let’s meet the bride.

Can we meet you?

Titoluwanimi: My name is Toluwani Mercy Olaposi. I am a native of Modakeke in Osun State, a lawyer by Profession. By God’s grace, I am engaged to Damilola Daniel Francis, a native of Idanre in Osun State, He is an administrator.


So we are here for the gist. So many people have been longing to hear your story. Can you tell us how you met your fiance?

Titoluwanimi: We met on a Christian Fellowship WhatsApp Platform a few years back, the fellowship is called Love Fellowship, it is based in OAU, Ile-Ife and pioneered by Prof. L.O Kehinde.

While on Campus, I wasn’t a really committed member of the Love Fellowship because of my active participation in the Evangelical Christian Union (ECU) and the Christian Law Students’ Fellowship of Nigeria (CLASFON). I only attended a Love Fellowship gathering once or twice, but I knew Prof. L.O Kehinde and his beautiful wife. Even though I wasn’t a ‘serious’ member, by God’s orchestration, someone added me to the WhatsApp platform.

WhatsApp Platform! There has to be something about WhatsApp. Lizzy in LizLeo said something similar. I hope all singles are on Whatsapp?😂🚶‍♂️
Please, continue

I do write and share my posts on social media platforms, so my posts were often shared on the Love Fellowship WhatsApp page as well, so even though I wasn’t a known face in the fellowship, I was a known name. Glory to God.

That’s sweet😁

The story gets interesting here. My fiance was not a student on OAU campus, in fact I never met him till I graduated. He did his own OAU degree program at the Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo State and he was also a former President of the Evangelical Christian Union, ACE Chapter yet we never met on the platform of the ECU.


According to him, one particular write-up ministered to him and he decided to chat me up. This I think was early 2019, I was serving in Ilorin then. That was how we started talking, howbeit irregularly.

My people, God is moving on WhatsApp. Simple! You ‘cannor’ tell me otherwise😂😂

Almost every time I shared a write-up, he would be in my DM. He called a few times, I can remember receiving a surprise airtime one time, I didn’t really know much about him then. I just knew he was a brother, I wasn’t expecting anything like this because I had been in a relationship which later came to an end that same early 2019.

Aww🤭, he was a brother and you ‘were’ a sister. This is the Lord’s doing😄🙌


He was in Osogbo during the lockdown in 2020 when he visited me at my workplace, that was the first time I would be seeing him physically, though we’d been friends on phone.

He proposed few days later in September, 2020 and on the 2nd of December, 2020, our relationship began. Glory to God.

Wow. What a journey! That’s sweet I must say. I’ve been smiling all along. I love love😍. Take that as a ‘sacred’ confession🤦‍♀️

Yeah, from your story, it’s clear that your relationship was divinely orchestrated but can you tell us, what was it like waiting to be engaged? I mean, when you were ‘singularly single’😂, how was it like?

Titoluwanimi: It was fun most time and not-so-fun at other little times. I was in a previous relationship that ended, so there used to be a lot of crying times.

Later that year I also got close to a friend and I thought something was going to happen between us, but God didn’t allow it and I was sad. I didn’t know God was preparing a really delicious meal for me.

But generally, I was fully committed to serving Jesus, so I was busy most of the time; with NCCF while I was serving and with my Church and Peace Group after my NYSC. I almost always had things to do for the Lord, so the waiting was a time of great growth by God’s grace.

That’s awesome! I can testify to this. Seeing you lead Peace group has been beautiful to watch. Every Don’t Sell Yourself Cheap Champaign has been life-changing. Thank you for being a blessing.😍

So tell us, how has it been planning the wedding? Stressful?

Titoluwanimi: Yes, planning a wedding can be stressful but God is faithful.

I delegated most of the things that can be delegated. It is really good to delegate when you have competent hands around. God has blessed me with a number of willing and helpful people like that. Praise Jesus!

Hallelujah 😁🙌

Was there any time you had to deal with a misunderstanding in your relationship?

Titoluwanimi: Yes, a few times. We even had one recently.

How were you able to handle it?

The Holy Spirit has always helped us not to say hurtful words when we are angry.

We just give it time and by the time we reconvene, the Holy Spirit would have worked on the both of us, we hear each other out, make the necessary apologies and adjustments. And we carry on like the argument never happened.

Wow. I love that.

Do you still believe in God choosing for His own? Can you tell us more about this based on your own experience?

Titoluwanimi: Yes, very much.

I didn’t know my fiance from Adam but God brought us together miraculously. And once God confirmed to me that he was the one, I had to take a step of faith by going into the relationship.

Up till now, I’m still amazed at how God chose him for me. Our God is a Master Planner.

You can say that again😄

Ehm, I don’t want us to skip this part. You mentioned that a relationship you were in ended in 2019, how were you able to go through that phase?

Titoluwanimi: Really, it wasn’t funny. I cried a lot of times. But God (His word and His work) was my succor. Thank God I stayed in NCCF Family House, Ilorin, Kwara State.

Thank God for God😁

Was there any unforgettable moment during the courtship? Kindly share with us😉

Titoluwanimi: There are a number of nice memories but the one that stands out for me was that day in September 2020 when he called me out of the blues that he was in Osogbo and would love to visit.

I think I asked him how he even knew I was in Osogbo, I didn’t know he had been giving me serious thoughts and I’d been his prayer point before then. Lol.

Aww, so sweet

Some days ago, the internet went agog with Mercy Chinwo’s berett and the ‘she’s my sister thing’, in your own case it seems we should all take our writing journey seriously or what do you think?😂

Titoluwanimi: Yes o, that’s my new life resolution. God help me.

And funnily enough, those times when I share your posts to my broadcast list, I used to have a brother that tells me he likes you o🤣😂🚶‍♂️

Mr Dami must not hear this

Titoluluwanimi: Let him hear o, so that he can appreciate God the more.


Methinks everyone should focus on what God has committed to their hands right now. Thanks for writing those stories.

We have just a few days left to the wedding. How do you feel? Can you put your feelings into words?

Titoluwanimi: Sincerely, I feel blessed. In previous months, while looking at the wedding, I have faced fears, fears of the known and the unknown but God has brought me to a place of peace and Joy.
Please permit me to sing this song ma,

I’m the one that you have shown mercy, you have shown me mercy, you have shown me mercy…” I thank God I was named Mercy. I have been a recipient and will continue to be an acute depender on God’s mercy.

Thank God for Mercy.

Many people, including churchgoers, believe it is almost impossible to have a sexually pure courtship. What do you have to say about that?

Titoluwanimi: Sexual purity is very attainable in a Christian courtship. It’s the will of God (Hebrews 13:4) and God helps His own to do His will.

Though the devil will always come with temptations, but like the Bible says, the onus is on us to flee all appearances of evil (1Thes 5:22). We should never put ourselves in compromising situations, but most importantly, we should communicate our desire to stay sexually pure to God, He is able to keep us from falling. (Jude 1:24).

Wow! Thanks for that. God is indeed more than able and we must also flee🤗.


Yeah, before you go, any advice for single pringles😂?

Titoluwanimi: (Smiles) Love God, Trust God and Serve God.

God is your Father and He loves you more than you love yourself. Choose to believe in His faithfulness. God is too faithful to fail.

He is too faithful to fail. Thanks so much, Titoluwanimi. It was fun listening to your story. Your home is blessed😍

Titoluwanimi: Thank you for this opportunity, I do not take it for granted. God bless you and all the readers. Amen.


Hey Fam😍, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this session with Titoluwanimi. You must have read about the stories that got Mr Dami hooked😂, those stories are available in her newly released books, Apples of Gold Series 1,2 &3. You can get the books on Amazon, Bambooks and Okadabooks. Titoluwanimi also blogs at You can check out her blog and subscribe. Thanks for reading once again. I look forward to sharing your own story with the world too, if you are still single, of course😂.

Happy Married Life, Titoluwanimi😍


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