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Yippee,💃🏼 It’s another Friday and we would be having another review but this week’s review will be a bit different from the previous ones.

Today, we would be reviewing a movie OVERCOMER. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, relax, I got you covered. You must enjoy this weekend. 😉😂

Overcomer is a faith-based film produced by the Kendrick brothers. I saw the movie last year and the lessons I learnt still remains with me.

The story centers around a high school basketball coach who was losing hope because members of his basketball team left the city, and a young girl, Hannah.

The coach, John Harrisson, had no other option but to train Hannah because she was the only one who showed interest in the School’s Cross country team despite the fact that she was asthmatic.

The sequence of events shows a process of faith and belief in God which led to a transformation in the lives of the actors especially Hannah.

The movie teaches forgiveness and the power of knowing one’s identity in Christ. If we truly know who we are in Christ, our understanding will be different and it will show in the way we live our lives.

Have you ever doubted who you are in Christ due to a rough past? Would you like to build up your faith in God while having fun? Then, this movie is for you.

You can download it here. Have a beautiful weekend, Fam😍. You are loved.


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  1. Nice review. I love the movie and it’s representation of Fatherhood.

    1. Thank you, ma’

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