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Thoughts of the Redeemed by E.C Hannah et all

Hello, my people😍. How has been your weekend?On this week’s edition of #BookCrush, we would be reviewing Thoughts of the Redeemed. There are so many things to say about this anthology. Ever since we launched 3 weeks ago, it’s been mind-blowing. We wake up to amazing reviews. This anthology is unique in so many ways; …

Short stories

Hadiza Chapter 14 and 15

Chapter Fourteen Read the precious chapter HERE Hadizat stepped into the lounge quietly and looked around. There were about fifty people in attendance already. About three guys moved about towards the front setting up some gadgets. The others were sitted quietly. Some bowed their heads reverently while others were busy with their phones and some …

Reviews: Books and Movies

Trapped, a short story written by Justina Taiwo Oyedeji

Happy New Year, Fam😍I’m grateful God kept us to see this year. Yaay💃💃💃. It’s the first weekend of the year and our #BookCrush is back again. Glory! 🤗So, during the week, I read my first book this year. It was short but full of lessons. Come with me as we review Trapped, a short story …

Reviews: Books and Movies

Love Me Again

Love Me Again, a must-read.Happy Saturday, Fam🥰Trust you are having the best of weekends. Please do, you deserve it.🤩Last week in my interview with Tope Omotosho, I promised to bring you the review of her latest book, Love Me Again. It’s ready. Let’s have it.🤭💃 One beautiful thing about Tope Omotosho’s books is that she …

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