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Perfect Match (Episodes 3 and 4)


Perfect Match (Episodes 1 and 2)

“So what exactly do you have against Mama’s Son?”

“A lot. For one, his name is Olabanji, I don’t like it. What about names like Mofe, Sam, Israel, Bryan and…”

“Tony? Babe, you of all people know that is a flimsy excuse. Give me another one please”

“Abeg, I don’t like his name. Moreover, who says that matchmaking is allowed in Christendom? Am I not supposed to pray and receive him myself? Why does Mama have to be forcing her son on me? Do they have a score sheet for overseers?”

“Hmmm. You know if you take a chill pill and look at this issue with openness, there is nothing unbiblical in what Mama is doing. Remember Isaac and Rebecca? Mama did not ask you to date him, she said you people should be friends”

“I hear you. Even the surname sounds boring. Adams is okay, which one is Adamson”

“Kikikikikikiiii, are you still on that? If you are not interested, why are you bothered about the name? Anyway, I need to be on my way now. Don’t forget that we are going to our final market run next week, all things being equal.”

“I still can’t believe that you are leaving me in the Single’s fellowship in less than a month. That’s more boredom for me”

“…and the beginning of holding a man for me. Kikiiiiiikiiiii”

“You are not serious. I am happy for you and Nath though, you guys are so good together.”

“Thank you. I believe strongly that this year will not elude you. You will be settled.”

“Hmmn, Prophet Desire of God. Where is the man that I want to settle with this year?”

“See you, have you not heard of quick work cut short in righteousness? At the appointed time, you will see”

“I hear you oh. Madam Quick Work, Mr.s Alexandra to be”

“You are welcome.”

Rose walked Desire to the junction of her house where she board a taxi. She returned to her apartment and was met yet again with a cloud of loneliness and dryness. Playing music did not end well as it was not comforting for her. Scrolling through her wall on Facebook, she saw a post




Rose read the post twice, dropped it and went on to Luke chapter two. She read the passage twice and stood up firmly declaring

“Father, have mercy on me, I receive all you have for me, oh thank you Lord because I am the favoured one of the Lord…”

While she prayed, she also switched to praise. A certain man in a certain part of the world felt uneasy and received a call from his mother.


“Okay Mum, I promise to do something about it this week.”

“All right, that’s my boy. How is your outreach to the slum going?”

“Mum, the Lord is doing mighty things in our midst. Last week, two addicts were delivered and they brought their friend to the outreach yesterday. I will send you pictures and a report”

“That’s great news, Son. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and raise helpers for you. I need to go now. It is time for my evening prayer walk.”

“Alright, Mum. Bye.”

Olabanji lay on the phone and kept looking at the ceiling. He has taken time to pray about his mum’s proposal and all he felt was peace. The issue is not the idea of being matched with a partner by his mother but how he is going to do it the right way. He picked up his phone and call his mum back”

“Hey Mum, do you by chance know the Lady’s social media handle?”

“Social media ke? What do you need that for when you already have her phone number?”

“Mum, please, let me do this my way. Do you know it?”

“I only know her name on Facebook Olayemi Rose Olamide, if I am not mistaken. She also has…”

“That’s all I need, Mum. Thank you. Bye”

The search for the full name on Facebook brought her up straight and even showed Mama Adamson as a mutual friend.


@thesentone. HR. People person. Friend of the Street.

I delight in shining my light on the street. I take people from the street to the palace through @home4all

Olabanji clicked on the handles in her profile and saw that she runs an organisation that does outreach on the street and cares for the homeless. She is passionate, especially for children and young adults from broken homes. After several minutes on ‘Home for All’s page, he returned to Facebook and continued scrolling.

Mother told me she would return but she never did, she choose another man over me. Father left three years ago when he was claimed by death in an accident.

A year ago, I decided to end it all. A certain woman saw me at the store where I had gone to buy sniper for the pests in my soul. She pleaded with me to guide her home before poisoning my pests. I obliged her as my last duty but I never returned to the street or the pest.

 I found a home in exchange for my sniper. #suicideisnottheanswer #Saynotosuicide #Street2palace #home4all

“This Lady is really doing great things for the Lord oh, I love what I am seeing”

Christ did not die for some, Christ died for all.

It is not his wish that lives are wasted on the street.

Life is not a bed of roses but there is a rose for all, He is the Rose of Sharon.

Stop the street killing. –Rose #saynotostreetkillings #roseforall #homeforall

Olabanji Scrolled some more and in the process saved some of her pictures. He also went on to check her out on Twitter and Instagram.

“Wow, this lady is interesting. Let me enter her DM”

…to be continued.


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