Short stories

Perfect Match (Prologue)


The light in the apartment was cut off, and Rose’s Laptop went off immediately.

Rose hit the bed and hissed. She was watching a movie on her laptop, when she couldn’t take a nap or eat. The picture of Tony, her ex-fiancé and his wife celebrating their wedding anniversary kept her awake and filled.

The one-room self-contained apartment was quite like a graveyard for a few minutes until some of the neighbours put on their power generator set.

Thirty-two years old Rose stood up to take water in the kitchen when her phone beeped. She came back to the room and realised that she got a text message.

“Hello, Mama. Jude proposed to me today, and I said yes. I am still in Shock. Thank you mama for all your love and encouragement throughout my waiting season. Let me know when I can call you me.”

The gates of the river in the eyes of Rose were let loose when she read the message. She couldn’t pinpoint the cause of the tears, she just let it out.

Yes, she was happy for Rejoice. Her twenty-five-year-old protégé has been waiting for marriage for two years and Rose has practically taught and encouraged her through it all. It was not hard as she was also learning with her.

“Trust me, I will settle you”

“Again?. That’s all you say to me all the time. Eehn…Just last week, my uncle’s wife was asking me when she would eat jollof rice. or is it when I try to reach out to my grandma and she told me that time is going and I am growing older by the day. That did not even pain me, I still don’t understand why you told Tony to break up with me or was Tony lying when he said you ask us to end the relationship? When will the right time be?”

 “Do not be weary, pray, daughter Pray. Your salvation is at hand” the Voice in her heart spoke again and instead of ranting. Rose hugged her pillow and cried into it.


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