El Amor; My Valentine

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On Saturday, 12th February 2022, I jokingly asked my WhatsApp status viewers if they’d like a Valentine gift. The replies were all positive! 😃 I instantly went to work and El Amor was birthed. The gift couldn’t come on Valentine’s day (February 14th) but it came in less than a week.

None of the contents of El Amor are new, that is, written this year. A Love like Africa Magic Epic was written in 2020 for a competition. However, I changed my mind and submitted something else for the contest. The story was originally called Native Love and has been chilling in my archives waiting for such a time as this. Love Vacancy was also penned down in 2020. I posted it on Facebook during the Annual Christian Poem Week on Facebook. Conversation with Abba and Heart Robber were both written in 2021. They all make quite an interesting combination, do they not? 😄


3 reviews for El Amor; My Valentine

  1. E. C. Hannah


  2. Goodness DPC

    Such a heart warming piece.
    This kind of love from Jesus is the best of it’s kind.

  3. Kehinde

    Such a lovely piece Sis. More grease to your elbow.

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