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Ever since we started the BookCrushFriday, it has been awesome. It feels good getting some “thank yous” as a result, I will nor lie. So, I am excited it’s another Friday. This fantastic friday, we would be reviewing Chasing Shadows, a book by Kudabo Victory.

During the week, I found myself thinking of the next book to review and that has been the trend now since we started. Before we dive into today’s review, I would like to ask you, dear one. How was your week? Did you miss the last book review? Catch up here. Let’s go.

I read Chasing shadows some years ago and I read it afresh again this week. It’s amazing. I found the story refreshing and interesting all over again.  The novel started with the consequence of a decision made when Rachael’s parents, Yinka and Wumi, were in a dilemma. It’s amazing how a slight decision can change a life. I just pray none of us gets in the shoes of Rachael’s parents.

Rachael was hurt, disappointed and broken in the process. She felt God and her parents’ didn’t love her. There are times we feel unloved, there are times things seem not to be working and we try to find alternatives.

After a failed suicide attempt, Rachael left home to seek peace and love elsewhere but the first place she tried wasn’t just where she was meant to be. What she was told by the unbelieving woman struck me.

The woman told her to go back home. This seem to me like there’s no better place to go when we are down than to God’s presence. We have to come to a place of seeing God as a Father that He is and not only that, we must see Him as our Shield and Refuge. Later, Rachael met Hannah, who accommodated her and helped her trace her steps back to God and her parents.

“Blame is like chasing something we can never catch but its appearance in our darkest moment scares us even when we are familiar with the pain.”- Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows

Although Rachael attempted suicide, suicide is definitely not even an option for anyone of us no matter what we go through. Hannah shared her story with Rachael and she found comfort from it, knowing well that Hannah had passed through a similar situation in the past.

It is true that God comforts us so that we may comfort others. It will really be a great idea for us to journal our story so that others can find strength through them.

Would you love to enjoy your weekend? Are you passing through a difficult time now? This novel is highly recommended. Get your copy for free here.

Thanks for writing this book, Victory.

Thanks for reading, guys. You can also connect with Kudabo Victory across social media platforms and subscribe to her blog. 30 days Thanksgiving with Victory has been amazing. You should join her mailing list to enjoy what I have been enjoying.

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Have an amazing weekend, Fam. You are loved.😍😍😍


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