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Review of Identity Crisis by Onome Bada

Hi Fam😍. Trust you are good. How is your weekend going? Permit me to ask, what are you reading this weekend?😉 Well, I don’t mean academic books😄.
Regardless of what you are reading, I’ve got this for you. Come with me as we review Identity Crisis: Journey to Self Discovery by Onome Bada.

So Onome launched her fourth book, Identity Crisis, some days ago and reading through again, I’m more than convinced that she has written a masterpiece that will change many lives. Here are my thoughts and lessons from it.


In Identity Crisis, Onome shared her experiences; the ugly and the beautiful ones. She also shared her journey to recovery from a bad self identity. When you talk of laying it bare, she really did.

It doesn’t matter what you are struggling with, this book will help you greatly.

This book will answer your questions if you’ve ever felt worthless, useless, ugly and good for nothing.


👉Identity is the most important thing in the life of any individual because if you don’t know who you are, you will fall for anything.

👉Words are powerful.
Build your children with the right words. It gives them security and helps them live above their struggles.

👉God is interested in you regardless of what you have been through.

This statement from the book got my attention:

“I thought God was not with me, but the truth is that He wrapped His love around me through family and friends. When life feels so tough, look around; you will discover that you are not alone.”

This book is for you if:

👉You’ve been through an abuse.

👉You are struggling with an addiction

👉You feel worthless, useless, ugly or unloved.

👉If you have been silenced because of people’s expectations, especially if you are a Pastor’s kid like Onome.

👉If you are a parent seeking to raise an wholesome kid.

Our experiences shape us but we have a duty to ourselves to seek the truth about who we are. We have a duty to see ourselves through God’s word, regardless of life’s circumstances.

It is true that God comforts us so that we can comfort others, thanks Onome for writing this book to bring comfort to others.

Hey Fam, I have no doubt that you’ve learnt a lot from this. Take a step further by getting your copy. It’s not too long, you can read it at a sitting if you are like me and it is worth every penny. Get your copy HERE or contact @ OnomeWrites for the hard copy. Onome writes beautifully. You can connect with her on IG @Onomewrites.You can also subscribe to her blog HERE

Thanks for reading. You are worthy of love. Happy weekend😍


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